A Charmed Life


this pussy bites back

I am pissed.
I am royally pissed that Helen Clark was not elected the new UN Secretary-General.
A lifetime of exemplary service for her country and now as head of the UN Development Programme rendered her the perfect candidate plus the UN is meant to remain neutral at all times, how more neutral can you be than a New Zealander. And yes as I have said before here I am completely bias – she is my fellow country woman and a twitter friend (I even taught her what the word ‘slay’ means in today’s young peoples’ speak) – but it wasn’t all pie in the sky on my part, I was duped and that is the real reason I am pissed.

When this race began one of the criteria laid out was that a woman ‘should’ take charge for the first time. This then was hyped up by the media and thousands of supporters. The outgoing Ban Ki-moon himself said “my replacement should be a woman.” The mix of candidates themselves seemed fair in that it was an even five each. So you see why I can forgiven for believing that at least the gender was a foregone conclusion. Alas… it was all bollocks and it has been decided that we go into the New Year with yet another MALE UN Secretary-General, one António Guterres who as it turns out has the same credentials as Aunty Helen. Shame on the UN and the security council, a valuable opportunity missed.

And if that wasn’t enough of a blow for the sisterhood we have this tape to contend with. You know which one I mean, the one on which we can clearly hear the misogynist – the Republicans still claim as their nominee – referencing women saying “You can do anything … Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” My fellow sisters, how do you like that! And ‘pussy’ isn’t even the most deplorable word in this statement; although in the social media savvy world we live in today it is almost neigh impossible to protect the younger generation from learning this language, but then this election campaign has been dirty to the nth degree. No restrain no respect. Abraham Lincoln must be turning in his grave at the joke his party has disintegrated into. I truly believe that much like German history with Hitler, historians will look back at this time and conclude this guy is the lowest ebb in American history.

History aside and as deplorable as the usage of ‘pussy’ might be, for me the most offensive word in this statement is ‘grab.’ And I don’t accept this as locker room banter, the guys I know who use locker rooms are usually too busy trying not to look at other penises to have time to engage in the promotion of sexual assault. Because that is what this is, a clear incitement of sexual assault. And NO you orange anus you are not automatically entitled to grab what you want no matter how rich or famous you may be.

We are not property.
We do not seek to be objectified.
We are not some kind of second class citizens.
We do not deserve to be held to a higher standard than our male contemporaries.
Nor do we consider ourselves the superior gender.
What we are is your equal.
What we want, well we want a lot of things but we will start with being treated equally
…and taking the top job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sat Nam

PS: To my American sisters, let’s make sure pussy bites back come November 8 #RidetheHillaryTrain #ObamaOutHillaryIn #letsSmashthatGlassCeiling #WhoRuntheWorld #AChangeisGonnaCome #MadamePresident


my hero

While I was growing up I went through phases of wanting to be Wonder Woman, Princess Diana, Jo March from Little Women, Samantha (Molly Ringwald) from Sixteen Candles, a Charlie’s Angel, Jane Eyre and Madonna. All these women had different qualities that resonated with me in some way; they were strong, opinionated, independent, intelligent, brave, they showed empathy and had integrity. With my overactive imagination I never really felt different from these characters/people, I always felt when I ‘grow up’ I will be just like them. The reason for this, was because I grew up with a real life hero who by example embodied the above qualities I admire. My real life hero that is my aunt.

Aside from my parents and my grandparents, it is my aunt that played the next most significant role in raising me. With the discipline side left to my parents, it was like having a big sister, or a very cool mum for it was with her I went to the movies, played scrabble, shopping, through her I read my first Jackie Collins at twelve years of age and as I got older her clothes I borrowed and it was she I would talk to about anything and everything.

Life has not been easy for her, but this is a woman who raised two beautiful boys, while working full time and putting herself through university to gain multiple qualifications. Whatever life throws at her, she remains resilient and just gets on with it as best she can. Whenever I feel like complaining or that life is just a little too hard, I think of my aunt and everything she has been through and the wonderful selfless person she is, and I snap out of any funk that I am in very quickly. One of my friends calls her a superwoman and that is exactly what she is. The bravest person I know, my hero – my aunt.