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why I think HE will make a great president

2017Yeah right! No I have not had a lobotomy since I last wrote nor have I lost my liberal do-gooder instincts, I just thought the title would make for a laugh. Seriously though – can anyone think of even one reason! 

I love the idea of a new year, a time to start afresh with new hopes and dreams. A rebirth so to speak. It is at this time of year I like to get in some extra guidance of the mystic variety, so this past weekend I took myself off to have my numerology chart done and a tarot card reading. I won’t go into what was said as it is uninteresting to anyone but me except I will say from past experience they have been eerily bang on. It is what was said at the end of the session that was particularly appealing to me ‘whatever happens remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience.’

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Not for the first time have I heard this but it feels rather timely to have heard it now because who knows the trajectory 2017 will follow: Everywhere you turn, there is this feeling lunatics are running the asylum WHERE fake news is the order of the day WHERE we are days out from seeing a man-child take the office as leader of the free world WHERE (arguably) the world’s best healthcare system the NHS is increasingly in crisis to the point of collapse WHERE the tenet of democracy is being tested WHERE the next Great British Bake Off will air without Mary Berry WHERE previous cold war enemies are now in cahoots WHERE Katie Hopkins is still being employed to spread her unique brand of bigotry WHERE climate change is still being denied even when we see proof of decline everywhere. Who knows. But if we are spiritual beings having a human experience it really does not matter what reality looks like, all that matters is how we show up, what is in our souls – that part of us that observes quietly behind what we do, think, believe and feel, that part of us that existed before this human life and that will continue to exist after our present physical form transitions.

What gives me perspective everyday are four separate realities – the plight of the Chibok girls who were kidnapped in April 2014 by Boko Haram in Nigeria, the imprisonment and sentencing to death by beheading and crucifixion of Ali Mohammed Baqir al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia, the war in Yemen and the ever growing refugee crisis all over our the globe – the universe lead me to them and now I have made it my mission to be involved in these plights and as insurmountable as each situation seems, the people who I meet spiritual beings just like me whose only prerequisite is that we care, the acts of kindness I have witnessed make me hopeful for peaceful resolution, make me feel hopeful for our communal human experience, make me feel like maybe just maybe 2017 might be a bit of alright.

Happy New Year. May your 2017 be perfect and blissful in every way.

Sat Nam

And… Award season has began and I have but one word Moonlight. Moonlight is a raw, thought provoking, emotional, graceful, important experience. Moonlight reminded me that great cinema is about the storytelling. Moonlight deserves every award it has won and will win. Moonlight is not for everybody but everybody should see it. Moonlight ~ step into the light, witness the magic and be transformed  Every time I hear of oldies coming back I feel this nervous excitement. I want them back but I want them back good and preferably with the same original line up. I remember seeing Duran Duran live once with just Simon and Nick, it was just wrong without John, Roger and Andy. Then there was Bewitched the movie version, okay original line up was impossible but to leave out key characters and go completely off script was a dumb move. So it was with nervous excitement I awaited the Cold Feet and Gilmore Girls revivals (thankfully both were perfect in their warmth and nostalgia) and it is with nervous excitement I await Twin Peaks but if truth be told when you have been waiting 25 years for more like I have, nothing could actually stop me from returning to Twin Peaks because even when David Lynch is not good he is still kind of brilliant  I really really really did not want to write this year about the above mentioned man-child nor about loss, 2016 had far too much of both. I had every intention to go forward with that which makes my heart sing but as I have already spoken of the former I might as well go the whole hog as it would be remiss of me not to mention George Michael or my husband, as he was referred to in my circles growing up. Precious George, Its done then, god gave you the voice of an angel a generous heart and the most tormented soul. Ever since standard four you have been there with me through all the key moments in my life; when I needed to dance you had the moves when I was torn you helped put me back together. And even though I knew this day was coming here I am completely torn you are not in my orbit anymore and this time you can’t heal me, not right now anyway. Does it feel good to be free at last? I hope you can see how much love there is for you. Thank you macushla for the trail of magic you created, you sing with the angels now #HeavenSent #HeavenStole


see – Paddington

paddingtonWhat is it they say, inspiration can hit you anytime anyplace, well that certainly rang true for me over the weekend while I was watching the film Paddington (for the umpteenth time). There I was thinking how Ben Whishaw’s dulcet tones are perfect for the voice of Paddington much better than Colin Firth’s would have been (he was originally cast) when I had an inspired thought into why my cinema tastes have changed in the last few years. 

Of late I had noticed that I don’t have the same stomach I used to have for much of the cinema ware that is on offer today but I never really considered how this came about until Paddington. As a child Paddington and the Wombles were my happy place. I have this very vague memory of a birthday party – maybe my third or fourth – that had a mixed Paddington/Womble theme. It was memorable mostly because I was gifted a Paddington Bear and a duffle coat of my own; the coat was worn to death, even when it no longer fit I would try to pour myself into it until one day it mysteriously disappeared and reappeared on my cousin (my mother swore it wasn’t my coat but I have never been convinced).

And while the coat might have gone walkies, Paddington always remained ever dear to me. In fact one of my first to-dos when I landed in London as an adult was to visit Paddington station and pay homage at the statue of him – I wasn’t overly impressed by it (far too small) but out of nostalgia it had to be done and nostalgia was what drove me to the cinema to see the film a year ago. I have seen it many times since, I can’t help it – Paddington has become my happy place again. Cinema has always been a means of escapism for me. The 90 or so minutes I watch something I want to be absorbed into a world different from the one I live in. I think because we live in these precarious times, I am choosing more and more not to expose myself to negativity where I can, like in the films I watch and this film with its loveable central character and rather twee story is the perfect anecdote.

And yet as lovely and family friendly it is, it is also entirely appropriate for today with its central theme of tolerance and acceptance the film strikes a palpable chord within all of us – for Paddington is a refugee. You know this of course if you grew up reading the Michael Bond books (do children today read Paddington?) if you did then like me, you are familiar with Paddington’s journey from deepest darkest Peru to London and you remember the note attached to his coat that read “Please look after this bear. Thank you” and how he eventually found a home with the Brown family at 32 Windsor Gardens. If you know this then also like me you have most likely embraced the talking ursine with an endless capacity for getting into trouble into your life. How could you not! It’s always the naughty ones we love best.

Paddington – a joyous and witty film about a bear called Paddington who has a penchant for mischief and marmalade, for kids of all ages especially really BIG kids who might need reminding that xenophobia has no place in our world. The perfect activity to while away a few hours during the Christmas hols. The added bonus is Nicole Kidman, who plays a kinky stiletto heeled taxidermist, the villain in the piece. She looks like she’s having the time of her life in the role.

Sat Nam

Also in the news: I would like to know whose smart idea it was to release Star Wars: The Force Awakens the week before Christmas! Boxing Day releases are bad enough but in Christmas week! Seriously! It is going to be a good ten days before I get to go by which time save for a social media blackout I’ll know too much #NotHappy #theForceAwakens #theForceisStrongwithThisOne ♥ Something I can get behind 100% is the climate change deal. See what can be achieved when we unite as a planet. The world has set itself a serious goal now that a deal has been agreed in Paris, its historic, its ambitious, its time – let us hope this momentum continues into the new year for this is not our planet to pillage and there is no time to lose #COP21 #ClimateChange #GlobalCitizen ♥ As loathed as I am to mention the thing that is Donald Trump, I have this theory about him: I am of the thinking that he has been recruited by the Clintons. Think about it; he is/was friends with them (they even went to his last wedding) and he was a Democrat once upon a time. Any thinking person knows the GOP has become a joke, that their hatred for the President has overshadowed their love for their country thus thwarting what could have been an inspirational residency for Obama. The rise of the Trump has potential to not only get my girl Hils into the Oval Office but to tip the balance of Congress in favour of the Democrats because heaven forbid he win the nomination who in their right mind would vote for the Republicans. Yes the more I think about it, the more brilliant it is, it’s like the Manchurian Candidate has leaped from the screen into real life. What else could possibly make sense of the vitriol that comes out of his mouth, the alternative is just too awful to contemplate #Hillary16 #ImWithHer ♥ And lastly I appeal to you dear Reader. I pray you never become a refugee. I pray you never have to flee your country with nothing more than the clothes on your back. I pray you never have to leave behind your home, your pets, your burgeoning career or business. I pray you never lose loved ones by torture, or missiles or drowning or malnutrition. I pray you never have to spend an European winter in a tent. I pray you never find yourself hopeless in a foreign land not knowing the language and scared because you don’t know what is to become of you. I pray all this for you but most of all I pray, that god forbid should you become a refugee, that you experience the very best humanity has to offer – kindness and compassion and love. This is my prayer for you and I appeal to you as you get busy buying Christmas presents for loved ones, PLEASE spare a thought for our fellow refugee brothers and sisters; who were once like you and I – doctors, lawyers, shop-keepers, bankers, business owners, drivers, architects, students, care free school children – who ARE human beings and PLEASE show you care what happens to them and donate what you can PLEASE #RefugeeCrisis #PleaseGiveHere #SpreadASmileOfJoy #WeAreAllRefugees

akiwigirlabroad wishes you peace and so much love Merry Christmas xxx


my favourite ‘bit’

What would be the point in having my own blog if I didn’t indulge in my favourite things now and then AND because I want to spread some cheer today I’m sharing my all time favourite ‘bit’ of cinema with you. This ‘bit’ only lasts two minutes and twenty five seconds and is nearly fifty years old; and recently I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun to see it again which in the age of you tube means there is no reason why that couldn’t happen but for whatever reason I didn’t actively seek it out, instead the universe provided the opportunity when, late one night rendered unable to sleep I switched on the tele and there it was – the very scene from the film To Sir, with Love which I hold so dear.

When you think of warm and fuzzy childhood memories you never really know if the reality is as good as the memory you hold. The first time I saw this movie, I was home sick from school. I remember feeling very snug lying in my parent’s bed sipping milo, flicking channels until I found this film. The film itself is really pretty rubbish – acting is average, story so so and Lulu’s hair and voice grates on you after a while, it falls into the same bucket as Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers, The Ron Clark Story; where a teacher begins new job teaching a tough class and through the course of the story inspires the students to turn their life around. For whatever reason I persevered through it and to my delight I discovered this gem of a dance scene towards the end of the story. Over and over I can watch this ‘bit’ and still get the same pleasure out of it as I did that first time. I know the scene so well now, that I can dance the scene as Mr Thackeray or as Pamela to the letter.

Why do I love it so? Well there is the distinctive music, dance, and fashion which encapsulate my vision of Britain in the 60s, an era I love. There is the Sidney Poitier element. This was the movie that introduced me to him and he is so fine in this scene. There is this innocence and hope; a teacher willing his pupils to believe in themselves like he believes in them and a student ready to bloom. AND best of all there is happiness. I think that is why I treasure it, it is a happy moment and it makes me tingle with happiness to watch it. Have a look and let me know if you think it is completely naff or if it made you want to put on your best mod outfit and get into the groove.

Sat Nam

Also this week: Continuing to keep the refugee crisis foremost in our minds because knowing about something doesn’t change it. After the compassion explosion a few weeks back, the situation remains the same for too many so sign petitions, attend peaceful protests, donate, pray… whatever you can – just DO #LetsgetTogetherandFeelallRight #OneLove • Meryl Streep I love you, when you talk, I listen. Not sure my heart bleeds for you only earning eight million compared to Robert Downey Jr.’s 80 million in the last year, talk about first world problems BUT I totally have your back in your battle towards achieving equal rights for women #GirlPower • Speaking of kick arse women – Amy Schumer, what a revelation, you slay me #ProperFunnyChick •  Another kick arse woman… the legend that was Jackie Collins (did I really just have to write that in the past tense) oh to have had access into your mind, thank you for introducing a thirteen year old me to smut #LuckyIsMyHomeGirl • And the Rugby World Cup has commenced, we all know who will win of course (she says with fingers and toes crossed) #goABs #WhateverHappensAlwaysaProudKiwi



every day. is beautiful.

Every day in life is beautiful. Every day. Is beautiful.’ Every now and then you come across someone whose light shines so bright it touches your heart. These words are from Alice Herz-Sommer and to me, she is one such someone.

I was cooking when I heard these words, and they made me stop what I was doing and pay attention and so this is how I happened upon the documentary The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life and by extension the life of Alice Herz-Sommer. At the time of filming she, at 109 was the oldest known holocaust survivor. The short documentary documents her life; as an accomplished concert pianist who grew up in Czechoslovakia, her time in Theresienstadt concentration camp (she survived because she could play the piano and the Nazis used this prison to fool the Red Cross into believing they were benevolent towards Jews and that this was a camp where music and the arts thrived), it goes on to describe briefly her life in Israel and then lastly London where she lived independently in Belsize Park. Throughout her life, it is music that has been her spiritual sustenance and this documentary focuses on the music not on the particular events that happened during her long life.

‘Music saved my life and music saves me still… I am Jewish, but Beethoven is my religion.’

I watched her thinking how did I know of her before this moment, she should be discussed in schools so I set about writing this piece to share her with you. What captivated me was her spirit. This was a woman who experienced unthinkable horrors including the loss of her mother and husband, horrors that you and I will never know or even really understand and yet she lived with optimism and a complete lack of rancour. No pity, no tragedy in her demeanour. This is forgiveness in true practice. And even at this advanced age she was still able to recall memories from her mentally sharp mind, which made watching her on screen an invigorating experience. Alice Herz-Sommer died age 110 a week before this documentary won an Oscar in 2014. She continued to play the piano every single day right to the end of her life. There is an expression used in Kundalini yoga, which has come to be the measure by which I hold all my thoughts and actions accountable – the grace of god. Alice Herz-Sommer was the grace of god. As you go about your day my hope is that you take the essence of her words with you. ‘Every day in life is beautiful. Every day. Is beautiful.’

Sat Nam

ps speaking of la vita e bella, so happy for Ireland voting – by a huge majority – to legalise same-sex marriage, the revolution of love is in full force. #LoveWins #LoveisLove

pss please watch


they don’t make them like they use to

Recently I spent time with a very old friend and while we talking and drinking our zillionth cup of tea, in the background the film How to Steal a Million(1966)▪ came on. I screamed out a big whop of joy and exclaimed ‘remember when we first saw this?’ She looked at me and replied ‘I’ve never this before.’ I opened my mouth to describe the the moment but then I realised my memory was muddled and I was referring to a mutual friend, so instead I was like ‘oh you have to watch this, it’s gorgeous.’ We watched it, she loved it.

Ask me what my favourite film is and I couldn’t pin down just one but the ones I adore seem to have been made before I was born, and all have an ‘opposites attract’ theme. Eternal romantic – that’s me. The rom-coms of today have nothing on these diamonds:

houseboat1.jpgHouseboat(1958) This family friendly film is about a widower who employs a runaway socialite to be a nanny for his children on his houseboat. It combines whatever it was that made Cary Grant well, Cary Grant (the personality, charisma, accent, presence) with the fire brand that is Sophia Loren, the chemistry they give off is electrifying. It is a fun film – the characters are fun, the story is fun, the songs fun, the setting of the houseboat fun – perfect for watching on a rainy afternoon.

barefootintheparkBarefoot in the Park(1967) This gorgeous film is about what happens immediately after the honeymoon if you are a free spirit and your new husband is a straight laced lawyer. Their differences becomes apparent when he declines an invitation to take off his shoes, to walk barefoot in the park (hence the film’s title). It’s lightweight, genuinely funny and the pairing of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford is pure magic and the supporting characters provide plenty of comedy.
Guesswho.jpgGuess Who’s Coming to Dinner(1967) I’ve had an ardent interest in the Civil Rights movement ever since fifth form History and that is why I was drawn to watch this film the first time, as it addresses the coupling of two people who happen to be of different race and the prejudice this brings up during 60s America. Even with this serious undertone, it is not a heavy film and there are plenty of comedic moments, but ultimately it really is just a film about love. The cast includes heavy weights Sidney Poitier (the ultimate class act) and real life couple Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. What makes this film outstanding is that at some point you realise, Katherine (Hepburn) and Spencer (Tracy) are not even acting  – they are relaying their true feelings for each other. (Spencer’s final speech about love for his character’s wife, tears me up every time).TheWayWeWere.jpgThe Way We Were(1973) More Robert Redford, this time playing carefree WASP Hubbel Gardiner and the incomparable Barbra Streisand as Katie Morosky, a politically active Jew. I wrote an essay about this film once and at 1000 words there was still more to be said, so to sum up this film in a few lines is nigh impossible so instead I shall steal from Carrie Bradshawº ‘The world is made up of two types of women; the simple girls and the Katie girls, I’m a Katie girl.’
Then there is that song ‘hmmm hmmm memories, light the corners of my mind, misty water coloured memories of the way we were…’

Whether it was the story lines, acting, chemistry of the couplings or the songs – one thing is clear they don’t make them like they used to but we are so fortunate that they made them in first place. Now over to you, let me know your favourite films of yesteryear in comments.

Sat Nam

▪(fun caper starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole)
ºcharacter from Sex and the City

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darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…

A bit like marmite you either like horror movies or you don’t. I definitely don’t, in fact you could say I am a big scaredy cat. My first foray into the horror genre was Jaws – and yes I know not technically a horror, but it (and the sequels) scared the bejeezus out of me (and gave me a lifelong phobia of sharks). Then came Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, not something a ten year old with an overactive imagination should ever have been exposed to. Next up were the Sunday night horrors which would air late on – funnily enough – Sunday nights in New Zealand, I was never allowed to watch them, but every now and then I would sneak out of bed when everyone was asleep and watch: this is how I came to know the likes of Freddy Krueger, Dracula, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Carrie, Jack Torrance, Michael Myers and Damien. As you can imagine, many a sleepless night was had! As I got older I stopped watching the slasher type horror movies, instead they got replaced by what I like to call the mindfuck horror movie – the non gore psychological ones – and while I would never go out of my way to watch these movies, they continue to intrigue me, so if I’m flicking channels and one happens to be on tele I will watch – more fool me.

To celebrate Halloween here are the movies that still give me the heebie-jeebies:

Psycho (1960) Hitchcock, that shower scene, Norman/Norma Bates – sheer brilliance. When you think of all the technology that is available in the films made today, that this movie can still make you feel an underlining sense of terror attests to why it still regularly rates in top ten lists for best horror films.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)I didn’t know anything about this film before I saw it, which I think helped build the suspense. I thought Mia Farrow was brilliant as Rosemary who is unaware her husband has made a deal with Satan to further his career; and even though I, as the viewer knew what was going on throughout the film, I still felt this sense of uneasiness, it’s like I could feel Rosemary’s paranoia to the point I didn’t know if the weird happenings were real or not.

The Wicker Man (1973) There is something about cults that creeps me out (think about it – when have you ever heard anything good about one) – throw in a naive Christian protagonist and you’ve pretty much got a lamb to the slaughter. Another reason to love this movie is for Christopher Lee (who plays Lord Summerisle), this guy does evil so well, he’s got form – he has been Dracula, Scaramanga, Count Dooku and Saruman.

The Blair Witch Project (1999) It was a genius move to film this with a handheld camera – the shakiness of the filming and the first person narrative made the story scarily authentic and as such I was sucked in. It felt real. It could be, couldn’t it…

Happy Halloween

Sat Nam

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see – Last Vegas

LVI know l know I fancy myself a bit of a film critic lately, promise you it was not planned. It’s just with me flying all over the place I am seeing a lot of plane movies. The latest one being Last Vegas which I enjoyed for two reasons – my penchant for silver foxes and the forever friends factor.

Now I have already laid myself bare when it comes to admitting I have a thing for older men so give me a movie with four of them – how could I pass that up? The scene when Kevin Kline’s Sam gets pursued by a twenty something – I totally get; only if it was me I would be going for Michael Douglas’ Billy. Michael Douglas and I go back to Romancing the Stone days – he was hot then and he ain’t doing too badly now. He’s with Catherine isn’t he?

The second reason I loved this movie was the fact that these four friends are still connected after some sixty years of friendship. I loved the camaraderie and genuine love these guys had for each other. I can totally relate for, quite aside from the fact that when we get together our time is full of Las Vegas like antics: I have that connection with my girlfriends and I pray we still have that togetherness when we are in our twilight years. Pretty sure we could fit in a Vegas trip at some point too.

See Last Vegas: If you want to smile and watch something that is light and good fun go see this movie.  


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yesterday once more

‘The decade that style forgot’ that’s what the 70s have been called but I disagree. As new movie American Hustle highlights the seventies were all about style, a distinctive style maybe but a style all the same. We live in a time in which fads are fleeting, but when you think back to days of yore there are some very distinct images they invoke; like for instance the ’20s conjures up a jazz age complete with flappers and gangsters. Same goes with the ’70s where you had fashion influenced from the likes of ABBA, Bruce Lee, Saturday Night Fever, Charlie’s Angels and The Sex Pistols and on and on it goes because it was such a colourful era.

I love 70s fashion, maybe that has something to do with it being the era I was born into whatever it is, if I am dressing up for a night out more often than not I will opt for a retro glam seventies inspired look. In fact whether we gals are conscious of it or not, we borrow from the seventies all the time – think one shoulder,halter necks, hot pants, jumpsuits, crop tops, platforms and curls. The only difference is that now we have more finesse for there no need for polyester and irons, these have been replaced with synthetic material that doesn’t itch and ceramic hair styling products. Its not all cringe worthy free though, to the males reading this the 70s don’t need to make a comeback in your wardrobes; platforms look way hotter on us girls and there is only one man that can rock a moustache and unless your name is Tom Selleck that ain’t you.

oh and American Hustle – great performances, well worth a watch.


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not so little people

Last year whilst I was studying NLP*, using myself as an example I could see that many of my behaviours had been learned from when I was very little, for example even as young as three I knew who to ask if I wanted something – my aunt if I wanted to be read to, my dad for cuddles. It is believed by some psychologists that between the ages of three and eleven is an imprint period for a child. This means that childhood experiences between these ages are likely to have an impact on who that child becomes, how they feel, behave and represent the world to themselves in later life.

There is this movie I saw recently (another plane movie) that demonstrates this clearly. What Maisie Knew is about a custody battle seen through the eyes of six year old Maisie. In it the parents are neglectful selfish and shallow beings who think nothing of bouncing her back and forth like a pinball and because of this, we the viewer are witness to how this affects this precocious child – what she interprets, how she adapts her behaviours to suit others, how compliant she is, how she looks to others for the love and belonging she craves from her parents.

I have the privilege of seeing the children of my close friends grow and every time I am in the company of these children I am in awe not only because they fill my heart with pure love but because of the little people they have become. Their brains are sponges absorbing their environments. I have been known to get emotional over the first time I see my name written by their little hands, or see them put a sentence together with magnetic poetry or watch them take a wicket at cricket or simply thank me for coming over. Their interests, their mannerisms, their behaviours, their habits – well it’s a good whatmaisieknewjob I believe in miracles because children are a constant reminder that they exist.

See What Maisie Knew: Given the subject matter I was braced to feel emotional but because it is seen from Maisie’s point of view this is more a practical story. Kids have a way of keeping things simple, it is us adults who over complicate life. Having said that the movie still moves you. I found I wanted to punch the parents and take Maisie in my arms and give her all love and attention she deserved. Great performances by all, in particular by Julianne Moore and young Onata Aprile.


*Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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see – This is 40

So I watched the frivolous drivel that is This is 40 and it entertained me enough to make me write about it. It is one of those movies that I wouldn’t pay to see but is just the right kind of mindless nonsense that is suitable for watching in the confines of an artificial atmosphere that exists on a plane. Made by the same producer that is behind Superbad (the title says it all as far as I am concerned) and Bridesmaids (I just did not get this movie), I had very low expectations.

While there is no plot to this movie other than the main characters (husband Pete played by Paul Rudd and wife Debbie played by Leslie Mann) approaching 40 AND it was just a series of vignettes with no resolution rather like a glossy home movie. I found I could relate to the angst the husband and wife experience that comes with reaching the milestone. They are dealing with issues we are all familiar with; health kicks, parents, money matters, sniping with each other, selfishness, family loyalty but they deal with it all with such childishness, it made me feel normal. There is something that is appealing about immature adults, don’t you think? I can relate for sometimes I find myself in situations and think ‘what would a grown up do’ conveniently forgetting that I am a grown up.

I liked this movie’s juvenile humour because it made me realise as immature as I may seem I’m definitely not the only one. Actually now that I come to think of it I only have to look at my friends to know that. Maybe I should make a home movie of our antics…now that would be something. Anyway I digress. Pretty average movie but for anyone around 40, it provides that affirmation that however you maybe feeling, whatever your circumstance, whatever it is you are doing – you are not the only one and while most of the funny scenes are predictable I still managed to laugh more than I expected to.