A Charmed Life

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

  2. I totally relate with 40, green tea, and a “work in progress.” What a beautiful time in life! Your blog is uplifting!

  3. I like the new look very creative, very you hopefully this means you will be posting new musings soon RK

  4. you forgot to mention your dear old dad
    very proud of you dear

  5. really enjoying your blog

  6. Thanks for liking some of my posts! I’m glad you found them interesting! It looks like we share some favourite books! Looking forward to reading more here! 🙂

  7. I love the look of your blog. Keep it up

  8. I’m finding my first stop at your site really interesting. We share a few similarities, as well. I’ll be looking forward to reading more!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I need to start writing the repeated stories in my head. Sigh. Note to self: Google “How tot stop procrastinating”

  10. Glad I’m not the only one who still enjoys scrabble

  11. Thank you for reading my letter to David Bowie :O) Love your writing too!!! nice to meet you xx

  12. WOW
    Nice to meet you and thank you so much for stopping by and liking my post.
    I hope to see you soon and that you stick around.
    I’m Idealize and I was here.

  13. Thanks akiwigirlabroad for the “like” on Tubularsock, “first hand coverage, second hand news.” Looking over some of your very fine work and enjoying your opinions. You may have a bit of an idealized view of Hillary and Obomber but no question that Trump is a jerk!

    Thanks, and Tubularsock invites you back when you have the time.

    • Agree I am rose tinted when it comes to Hillary and Obama, because I genuinely believe that they care and that their lives in service thus far are a testament to this; they haven’t always got it right but they’ve tried and tried and tried.
      Plus its important to me as a woman to see Hills elected. I don’t see attitudes in my environment changing when she is elected but for my own sake and that of the sisterhood we have to keep pushing for equality and having the 45th President of the United States be a female sounds so damn good. Its about time.

      • akiwigirlabroad, Tubularsock would recommend removing the rose tint only because by not viewing them as they are then you’ll have to accept that you are a supporter of endless war and the destruction of men, women, and children. Neither Hillary or Obomber CARE! If they did they wouldn’t be involved in so many “killing fields”! This is not hyperbole on Tubularsock’s part. But the illusion does have to be broken.

        The information on this is endless and some back reading of Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.” can give you a quick review. Just sayen’!

        As for sisterhood, which Tubularsock fully supports, Tubularsock would recommend looking into REAL WOMEN OF LEADERSHIP such as Jill Stein and/or Representative Tulsi Gabbard. These are women of integrity and vision that would better the world rather than continue THE MAN’S WARS of the neocons that Hillary support.

        Hillary supported the undermining of the Honduran Government which was “replaced” by a military dictatorship. This lead to the murder of Berta Caceres. Berta Caceres was the general coordinator and co-founder of the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras. Now, Tubularsock wouldn’t call that exactly the sisterhood that you are supporting akiwigirlabroad. Is it?

        Or Hillary’s continued support of Bill’s continued and often abuse of women can’t be the sisterhood that you are supporting.

        Tubularsock is a strong proponent of people of integrity leading regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference BUT both Hillary and Obomber do not fit that criteria in truth no matter how their PR is spun!

        Regardless of all of that Tubularsock loves your blog. Some very interesting and well written posts. Tubularsock will be following your work.

        Got’a go, Tubularsock has to save the world! Cheers.

  14. Thanks for liking my JAM post. I’m now a follower. We are aligned on our politics and I love your writing. Best to you!

  15. thanks for visiting my blog – am so glad its led me to your lovely one 🙂

  16. Thanks much for the visit to my blog. I read some of your posts and enjoyed them as well as the critically important theme of a global perspective on the looming (day after tomorrow) inauguration of the shoddy D J Trump, here. At least it will rain. Although I live 6 miles from the WHouse, I am not a citizen (yes i am legally here : ) so my perspective is not the same as many of my American acquaintances; among who hate of Hillary Clinton and President Obama is a badge of honor. Many Americans (but still not a majority) simply believe this deeply flawed individual will magically “restore” America’s 1950’s economy. That’s just not real, people know that, but they soldier on in camos and huge pickups and wish with all their strength and Twitter fingertips it were so.
    Clinton and Obama are flawed, certainly, but at least they acted as adults. The gang that has gathered around Trump, on the other hand, DOES include some seriously skilled politicians but is frighteningly overloved by a faction of seriously deluded ideologues, at every level. This is depressing and dangerous. Your statement that you are not a US citizen/voter (neither am I) so can be less concerned by the coming Trump Ages is, I think, frightening. The US, for all its flaws, has at least pushed the rhetoric of rule of law and something approaching democracy all over. This will likely now retreat into the shadows of the Trump Towers. Touting deals all around the planet with kleptocrats who have pillaged natural resources and support tyrants (eg. Azerbaijan, Russia, Malaysia, China) by the money-fixated new president raises corruption to the level of a deity, or rather a malignant cult. The future of civil society would be in hopeless ruins if not for the possibilities open to a global community, if we don’t exercise our best powers of humanity and vision.

    • Oh you can be sure that I may not be an US citizen but I am absolutely concerned and I will keep speaking up for what is right and democratic and wherever common decency is lacking.
      Its truly frightening this age that is upon us BUT we must heed the call and we must show up in the most loving, positive and compassionate way we can. Love always wins, history shows us this time and time again.

  17. Love your blog, and what you have to say politically, about friendships, and everything. Thank you!

  18. I read a bit, saw a comment about the 40ish, green tea, etc. etc. yep Im there! Looking forward to seeing, and hearing more!

  19. Thanks for your visit, Kiwigirl. Enjoying your blog too

  20. Thanks for your visit! I think we are twin souls 🙂 Look forward to keeping connected.

  21. Yes to a “Sunday morning lie” with tea and a book, Flow yoga, scrabble, walking barefoot in freshly cut grass and atlases… I could spend all day looking at maps… never been to England or to New Zealand, but they’re both on the list. Thanks for paying a visit to my little corner of the cybersphere, I look forward to reading more of your musings. It’s refreshing to see someone so unabashedly grateful for the Charmed Life that so many of us have been blessed with, yet are so reluctant to celebrate and share. Thanks for spreading the happiness. I, too, think that, despite the obvious Presidential glitch, 2017 has the potential to be a great year. In fact, I’m POSITIVE that it can be! Jeff

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  23. Thanks for liking my post https://thelittleredwagonblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/17/sunday-wonder-light-joy
    You might like to read the previous post as the Sunday post is the follow up

    Your blog is very nicely laid out and interesting.

    Peace and Grace,


  24. So nice of you to stop by my blog and liked it. Thanks and God Bless! It is been long time. I read your easter feelings well written. Wish you to go through https://www.facebook.com/RichardDawkinsFoundation/photos/a.496176595154.294030.8798180154/10151521973955155/?type=3&theater
    Thanks again, God Bless…

  25. Interesting Bio. You have an enchanting personality.

  26. I want to thank you for the kindness of liking my blog post. Just curious to know what about it pleased you.

    Interesting factoid about the last election. The real winner was nobody. The American voters stayed away from the polls like they were infected by the plague. Not enough people cared to get a better choice of candidates and then not enough people cared to pick between the ones we got. Politics on both sides of the aisle have gotten so incendiary a majority of the voters have bowed out of the system.

    • why did I like your post, hmm now thats putting me on the spot 🤔let’s see, I think because the posts I enjoy best are the ones that are about experiences of life that are different from my own; so you being a member of Mensa and your desire to be au natural piqued my interest. It was an interesting read to hear how you are navigating through life.

      I do find it incredulous the volumes of eligible voters who do not vote in the US, yet everyone has an opinion. I was and still am in the Hillary camp so for me there was a better choice of candidate. Still going forward I am really liking Kamala Harris I think we will be hearing more from her and as an Indian myself thats an exciting prospect. One thing for sure – whoever comes next will be a damn sight better than the thing that’s in the White House now. Be well my friend x

  27. Thank you for your “Like” on my blog “Thinking of You”….You are gorgeous, smart and funny….(three of my favourite things)..and I think I’m a fan!

  28. I wanted to thank you for the like. I’m still getting my feet wet in this whole sphere. Your blog is gorgeous!

  29. Hey, Kiwigirl. In addition to all the rest, you also seem to have a wonderful graphics talent. Is that who you are in your daily work life?

    • Hmm I do! I have a background in Investment Banking which is definitely not a creative outlet. Thank you for the compliment but it’s all a very amateurish attempt from me, happy to hear you like it 😊

  30. Loving your colourful way of presenting “about me”. Checking out more of your intriguing writing now. And thanks for dropping by my blog the other day.

  31. Nice to meet you. We have literature in common!

  32. Hi kiwi girl. Thanks for reading several posts over on my site. I hope you found them informative.

  33. This is amazing!! I like the color and the style of the blog format.

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