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When I die I want my epitaph to read ‘She cared.’ And when I look back on my life in my old age, if I am blessed to live that long, I want to be able to remember the moments in which I actively demonstrated that caring. This is in part why I could no longer sit on the periphery being depressed and stressed as we humans continue down this current socio-political path we are on. I felt called upon to be part of the solution.

In the last few years I have considered myself an activist, but on reflection it is not actually a new facet of me, I always was one. Activism is inbuilt in me. It was a part of my upbringing through both my immigrant grandfathers, they and my immigrant parents raised me to be politically and community minded so I always had this sense of being part of a larger world outside of my inner circle and I have always felt a responsibility to do my bit for others regardless of race and religion. And I always have.

I think the difference between then and now is choice. It was my choice to do my bit then and as such not something I felt needed galvanising. After all life is pretty much a Rorschach test in that each of us sees what we see and finds outcomes that are coherent with what we already believe and what we can accept. Now though, I do not feel there is choice it feels like a summons, and not just for me.

Because there is just one me. And this moment we are in. Its big. Its challenging. Its new. There is no historical reference we can learn from, we have never seen anything like this before. There is no ready solution. There is no one solution. We are navigating through uncharted territory. Scary sure. Confusing yes. But also something else – exciting. I know what you are thinking. What! Or perhaps WTF! This kiwi girl thinks it is exciting that more and more people are suffering through injustice and intolerance. And no, I never could, but what excites me about these times is the ‘we.’ The we who ask ourselves everyday what can I do to bring about substantive change.

The we humans who are connecting with each other to show our caring. The we who form the resistance. When I first heard this term ‘the resistance’ it conjured up memories of V the tele miniseries/show, does anyone else remember it? I quite fancy myself in a red spacey jumpsuit uniform weapon in hand ready to zap the bad guys; and in fact the resistance of today is not dissimilar to the resistance to the alien invasion in that series, it is just in this instance the aliens are actually humans not aliens who look like humans. Although on second thought; it could be argued that there are several world leaders whose actions may better be explained by a possible alien body abduction!

Anyways… the resistance of today is gathering momentum, people are coming together, and we are seeing evidence of this everywhere; with the Women’s March (Global), in the response to US withdrawal from the Paris Accord (Global), with Jeremy Corbyn/Labour in the recent election (UK), the response to Grenfell (UK), in the failure of the Senate to pass new healthcare legislation thus far (US), in the no confidence vote that comes next month to decide Zuma’s future (SA).

To use the word the kids are using these days – people are woke. People are woke to the fact that not only is this a difficult moment, it is a life threatening one for marginalised people in our communities and we will not stay silent and watch lives be destroyed. It is an exciting time to be alive, to be woke and on the right side of history; for despite the outcome when I do look back on my life I will never regret that I showed how much I cared.

Sat Nam


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

27 thoughts on “are you woke?

  1. GREAT stuff, akiwigirl. I like your use of “summons”. Thanks. We have 2018 & 2020 elections to kick ass.

  2. I love this. I have five kids so I can’t be an activist. My husband tried being a part of Socialist Alternative. He even recruited for them for a while. Check out my blog about him: https://crispyview.com/2016/08/15/my-husband-the-socialist/ He and his activism inspired me to start my blog. This was like my second or third blog. Either way glad you are woke. THANKS FOR CARING!

    • Oh I just read some of your blog and I think you are an activist. You might not be beating the pavement knocking down doors but you are sticking up for what you believe in and that’s what activism is about – not staying silent. Thank you for reading my post and the kind comment, I look forward to reading your posts x

  3. It is indeed an exciting time as more and more people are inspired by the insane actions of a few global bullies, to take action and resist in various ways.

  4. We do live in very exciting times for activism- and easy to be disheartened. What I’m seeing in the UK is that people are caring more and more, and that people are believing in change but just aren’t sure where it will come from.

    What I’m also seeing more of is an idea that I think is the logical endpoint of intersectionality – that activists and organisations can no longer exist in single issue vacuums, and we all need to support one another in solidarity on every issue, because our fight is the same.

    • I see that change coming from a grass roots level we saw it during the election particularly, people spoke with their votes also in the response to the terror attacks and more poignantly Grendel. Change is in the air but it’s up to us to keep pushing for it. As you said our fight is the same – and I think it’s the realisation of that (finally) that’s driving this moment #OnePlanetOnePeople x

  5. I agree that Corbyn doing as well as he has done is an important signal against the status quo, but do you think he could win?

  6. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. I am ready to become more active again. When I move back to Australia next week I will look into what I can do and get back to more active blog posts about Australia’s dodgy policies. Thank you for reminding me that we can make a difference if we pull together in the same direction.

    By the way, yes! I do remember V! It was on one of the two stations that we could receive in our bush shack on our solar powered black-and-white tv set. But until now reading your post, I did not know that they wore red suits!

    • Great to hear an Aussie wanting to be more active – my experience of Aus is a pretty negative one (racist/xenophobic) so I feel the country definitely needs open minded committed people cos there is a lot of work that needs to be done there.
      Thank you for reading 💗

  7. We are all in this, or in something, whether we like it or not. I like. Write on writer. 👊🏼

  8. Great thought! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. A very inspirational post. These are indeed challenging times, but as you say so well, it is in these life threatening times, for marginalised people, for the planet, that we need to stand up and raise our voices …. be on the right side of history. That is the light that I am seeing emerging from the darkness, and I thank heavens for it. It is about time we woke.

  10. Hmm..that’s really deep

  11. Very great stuff

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours is awesome. Full of truth and fire.

  13. Well said! Love the “we” reference and being “woke”
    Definitely important to be aware of what’s going on.

  14. I love what you wrote!

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