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we’re all in this together


These words are directed at the predator-in-chief in the Oval Office.

“A reader on this blog once challenged me to say five nice things about you. I tried. I promise I really tried but there is nothing. And there really ought to be something. Everyone has a saving grace don’t they? Even the other deplorables I find as morally reprehensible as you – your fellow reality show alumni – that family that starts with a k, even they have their hustle, no other way to explain their journey from sex tape to world domination. But you do not even have that. You have never hustled for anything in your life. You wouldn’t know a hard day’s graft if it hit you on the head. You were born into privilege and you have been coasting ever since. Damn the consequences.

That is what has made these words spill out today – consequences. You see I spend far too much of my precious time thinking about you; about what motivates you to get out of bed every day, about how someone like you can be reasoned with. Often I find myself constructing these missives to you in my head. Today’s missive needed to come out my head, you see you make me so angry. So angry that expletives leave my mouth, c*#t and motherf*@ker seem like they were created for you. But anger is not a good look on me. And I certainly do not like thinking about you. And yet there you are, always there stirring the pot, bullying, stoking fires, and oh how you love taking credit for everything. Today I found myself waiting for that tweet of you taking credit for New Zealand’s progress in the America’s Cup.

And now you have made the ultimate dumb arse move, in a long line of dumb arse moves since January 20th – pulling your country out of the Paris Climate Accord. I believe you have done this because the first word is Paris not Pittsburgh. I believe this because you might believe climate change is real, but your action demonstrates you have no understanding what climate change is. I have got to admit I took a while to get there too. I was rubbish at science at school, every year it was a miracle I managed to pass for I never learnt Newton’s Laws, I lacked patience to grow watercress, I skipped class anytime something was being dissected and I still do not know what is means to split an atom. No science never held my interest, that gene went to my brother who practically from the cradle had this innate grasp of how everything in the universe is interconnected and how vital it was to protect the lives of all creatures.

For me it was the green revolution, that picked up momentum during my last years at college, that got me thinking about my place on this planet of ours. It is now some twenty years hence and there is no escaping climate change is happening and we do not have the luxury of time to fix the consequences of stupid decisions. We all know the only person you care about is you, so as you think your vapid thoughts sitting in the Oval Office do you ever look out into the rose garden or up at the clear blue sky or how about when you are at Mar-a-Lago playing golf as you putt do you ever appreciate the verdant landscape. No of course you don’t. If you did you would understand that the rose garden, the clear blue sky, the green grass are not givens.

How about your children! Got to say I am not a fan. They just seem like five versions of you and anyway I will never be able to erase the image of your boys holding the dead cheetah they killed from my memory nor will I forgive it. You are a fan of your children yes? Do you want them to be healthy and live well? Rising temperatures due to climate change (known as global warming) will bring more disease which will affect, if not you, your progeny. Count on it. This is Fact. A Real Fact. So you see, you have made a stupid mistake by pulling America out of the Paris Climate Accord – We’re All In This Together; Parisians, Pittsburghers, me, your family and the only person who matters to you  –  you.

I am not delusional I know you will not read this. But I also know this – as I vibrate love peace compassion respect everything you are not, you will feel my energy and the energy of the tsunami of stakeholders who have since stepped up. You see amazing things can happen when people come together, this is how rEVOLutions begin. One Planet. One People. Be careful donnie: When you stand for nothing. You get nothing.”

 Sat Nam

And... one human I am absolutely grateful exists in my orbit is David Lynch for he is the man who gave me Twin Peaks and Transcendental Meditation. April 1991 is when this brilliant man came into my life when his Twin Peaks aired on newbie channel tv3 in New Zealand. I am dreamer with an expansive imagination and before Twin Peaks the only other dreamer I could relate to was David Bowie so Twin Peaks was a moment for me. It was weird, freaky and brilliant And there had been nothing like it ever. Can you think of another show where a lady talks to a log and thinks it talks back! David Lynch manages to capture our dreams the way they actually happen in our minds. Dreams are weird. And David Lynch gets that. That mind of his – much like that of Bowie come to think of it – is a fertile marvel; so much so that looking for literal answers to anything he does defeats the point of his output entirely. I mean have you ever tried to describe something he has created, you can’t, his work requires you to be present. It is about the experience. So I am thick into the Twin Peaks experience once again after 25 years. It has been the longest wait of my life and its so damn fine to be back.Watching these new episodes, catching up with the old characters, getting my head around the newer ones, trying to make sense of where the plot is going – its all a completely damn fine mindfuck and I wouldn’t have it any other way ♥ So Thursday is the election and neither leader of the two main parties enthuses much confidence; Theresa May is one cold fish and Jeremy Corbyn has never felt like a leader to me. Oh well what will be will be I suppose. One thing is certain I do not envy them one bit, a rocky road lies ahead #RockYourVote  And finally it has been a shocking few weeks, so much senseless loss. There is no making sense to be done. As the one year anniversary of Orlando approaches this kiwi girl sends love and blessings to all those affected by that tragedy and by the recent atrocities that have occurred in Manchester, Portland, Kabul and London. May our tears deliver us to wisdom #OneLove #PeaceLove

Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

24 thoughts on “we’re all in this together

  1. Another well-written post. Your commentary is spot on.

  2. Your sentiments about tRump and family are shared by many Americans. Unfortunately there is a worldwide movement that feeds on the unenlightened ignorance of selfish, greedy, unethical, deplorables. I believe America will change course with the 2018 and 2020 elections. And I also believe the world’s under 30 population will deliver us from this stupidity and hatred. Keep the faith.

    • Yes as I watched the One Love Manchester concert with these young conscious artists I thought that too, that they the younger generation are the ones who will really makes the changes that we need, thank you for reading x

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your words.
    I just wonder when America will take steps to remove the idiot.
    He is putting everyone in danger.

  4. Oh. And I see you live in London. I’m very sorry for what happened and hope you and yours are as safe as can be.
    (I also agree that a choice betweeen Corbyn and May(hap) is not a choice.

  5. Great piece. I was in Europe (Amsterdam, London, and Paris) at this time last year and, in each of the cities, when people realized that my wife and I were from the United States, they asked how if felt to have such a joke of a political process going on right now. It was embarrassing at the time but I never thought it would come to this. I apologize, as a citizen of this nation, for not doing even more to fight this blundering idiot’s candidacy. He is a threat to the safety of all.

  6. Spot on bae 😘

  7. You capture my sentiments about current events (especially in America) pretty much exactly. I can’t write about them. I already feel unwell from the amount of stress and concern caused by every visit to the news pages. And there are plenty of commentators without me adding my spoonful. I shouldn’t spend so much time looking, thinking, talking about it with my folks, but it is hard not to, it is all consuming, but it is bad for my health, and I am sure many others too (in the short term) and heaven only knows the harm to health, peace and the planet in the long term. Please continue (as will I) to try and spread our messages of love, peace, compassion and respect. The world needs all that it can get right now. Xxx

  8. This is a fantastic piece. You have captured my outrage, and the outrage of MOST Americans, perfectly. We are fighting so hard against a political system that has been legislatively rigged against the true will of the people. It is going to take fundamental change, and I do believe the younger generations are a key factor in getting there…

  9. I guess I missed the positive five points?

  10. I gotta say, I like what you write.

  11. I would be hard pressed to say five nice things about him also. His kids could probably manage it. But could his wife?

  12. I wish I could have written that. Summed up what most of us are thinking.

    P.S. David Lynch is a hero of mine.

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