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I went to Christian schools so I had it drummed into me from a young age that Easter was about Jesus sacrificing his life for my sins and then rising again from the dead on the third day so I would have eternal life. I remember being very confused about someone I never knew dying for me. It is a heady concept for a child to understand and I have to say as an adult it never felt much clearer; but then religion is all about the interpretation and interpretation is why I do not do religion.

Still I may not do religion but that has not stopped my brain working overtime all bank holiday contemplating on the meaning of Easter. It would have been more comfortable to muse over Easter eggs but I am not a chocolate eater so it holds no interest, or to talk about the Easter bunny but I am not American so have never taken part in any bunny activities; no instead my thinking has been all about Jesus and about these events that may or may not have occurred and this is kind of a big deal for me, for although I am happily content with my spiritual path, I remain vehemently anti religion. This means I choose not to veer towards religious dogma. I am the first to say ‘for one day would it not be nice to not have to read about some religious crap in the news.’ Before I come across all blasphemous, apathy aside, each to their own I just do not see why I have to know about it.

Anyway about Easter. In adulthood Easter has always been a welcome respite from hectic work life no further thought heeded, yet here I am fresh from this Easter break thinking what is the lesson of Easter.
And my takeaway is this – and I have to say I think it was a case of when the student is ready, the teacher will appear because I am surprised how easily it came to me, and it may be a little simplistic but here goes – you do not need to be Christian or religious to deduce that Easter is about love. I believe that the idea of someone giving their life for me is an act of kindness and the idea of that someone rising from the dead fills me with joy and gives me hope for the redemption for all of us. And I am rather happy to bask in that feeling for as long as I can.

 Sat Nam

And…  Issues, Movements. I am feeling an exuberance for justice I have never felt in my lifetime, a wave of change upon us. Whether it is Mental Health Awareness or the fight for Equality or Black Lives Matter, whatever the issue it will not be ignored. And nor should it. Pepsi managed to balls this current feeling up royally, first by hiring Kendall Jenner, the idea that anyone from that family gives a damn about anyone other than themselves is an obvious fallacy. Then the ad itself is a WTF! There is a bit in the beginning of the ad of Kendall blithely handing a blond wig to a bemused African-American woman – that says it all#I’mNotInThePepsiGeneration BUT for incite and context look no further than I’m Not Your Negro, a documentary film, based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript. James Baldwin was one of the most important voices to document the civil rights movement and to hear the words of this man who knew Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr is a thrill for anyone interested in history but why I believe this documentary is required viewing is because it speaks to the present moment with greater clarity and force. I watched it thinking ‘when will we ever learn!’  I am somewhat confused who is whom in the Syrian conflict. There’s Assad. There’s IS. There’s Iran. There’s Russia. There’s Saudi Arabia. There’s the US and somewhere there in the mix are Britain, France, Turkey and Qatar. I don’t understand what motivates Assad anymore; his country is in ruins, it has been six bloody intractable years. Assad has to go and so do IS but I have concerns about other countries being involved, you don’t just fire missile strikes on another country but more importantly you don’t just fire missile strikes on another country without a game plan. The strikes just feel like that thing at the White House thought to do on a whim and because he could. It doesn’t demonstrate a move to resolve the conflict and it certainly was not out of concern for the Syrian people. And speaking of airstrikes on what possible realm does it make sense to threaten North Korea, launch a MOAB on Afghanistan, and then go off for a golfing holiday. Every day it is like watching a James Bond movie but from the psycho villian’s point of view. You never know what is going to happen next but you know it will not make sense and you know it will not be any good. 

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44 thoughts on “this kiwi girl muses about… Easter

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your take on Trump’s recent military actions. It’s like a little boy playing with his army toys…and oh yeah, enriching the American industrial/military complex. If, as Trump claims, our military has been so drastically depleted over the Obama years, how can he entertain military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and N. Korea?
    Yes, Easter has nothing to do with religious “dogma”. It’s all about taking a spiritual inventory of ourselves, cleaning up our behavior and renewing our spirit according to the guidelines of our Master ( whatever we may name that entity). For me, my Lutheran tradition and observing Holy Week enriches that endeavor.

  2. Re: Syria.

    Happy Easter from an atheist. Not sure what kind of Christian school you went to (presumably Catholic), but the Orthodox Church (the church actually founded by Christ and his apostles, no less) teaches that Easter is about the miracle of his resurrection. The whole ‘died for your sins and salvation’ is a later… invention and to my mind a not-very-appealing one at that.

  3. As a Christian, I have to say you get it. If you’d ever like to discuss it more I think you’d get it more.

    Easter is for sure about Love. A creator who love you very much. Good call.

    Rising from the dead gives us hope that death has been conquered. Again, you got it.

    Finally, anyone who tries to use Christianity to control you (many religious organizations), misses the point of Jesus paying the price so we are free from sin (no longer controlled by the law).

    I think you get most of it.

  4. Agree with your James Bond movie metaphor. Everything is from the villain’s POV… 😦

  5. Greetings from Honolulu. Once again your commentary and worldview mirror my own. Glad to have found a kindred spirit. Keep writing and sharing. Every bit of positive energy helps. Wishing you a day of light and love.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; Easter, Christmas, they are all occasions and opportunities for us to reflect and take stock, and hopefully be grateful for what we have. Thank you for the reminder that it is not all about Easter Eggs and Pressies!

  7. “ad of Kendall blithely handing a blond wig to a bemused African-American woman”

    Haha… I’m not going to look that up, but wow.

  8. A really interesting post. I share your views on Easter. I am a spiritual person, and do not align myself to a particular religion, despite growing up in a Catholic family, I have some significant issues with Catholicism which I just can’t overlook. And, though I so also have uncertainties about the stories associated with Jesus, that does not mean I cannot appreciate the spirit and ethos of Easter, the value of a period of self-restriction during Lent, and the celebration of life and love which this culminates in. Following on from that, your take on the current political and global situation is much like my own. We are living in interesting times, they will make for fascinating history teaching one day, but right now it is scary, complex and tragic to watch. thank you for your thoughtful take on current matters.

  9. I like what you write about Religion. In Bhakti Yoga the idea is expressed that when people are just embarking on the journey they can easily fall trap to Fanaticism and all kinds of Dogmas. That is the worst crap 😉 Anyhow I never considered myself to be a christian either, but I love this incredible man Jesus. I guess he himself would turn mad and go crazy on the church if he resurrected nowadays and saw how they tormented his teachings. Jesus was not a man of dogma, belief or hierarchy but a man that lived from the heart purely. That´s I think why he was such a danger to the Pharisees, who were mostly pathetic. I´d like to share this scene with you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP2lFNDXjig

    Lokah samastah sukinoh bhavantuh

  10. Simple rule, keep away from religion… you are most happier in life.. You take credit for whatever happens to you good and bad, you don’t have to pray to please the gods. Its the total independence of your mind and body. Religion was always created during the lowest point of life in history, where people needed something to hug it always happened when people were in trouble! 😀 Tell me about a God who appeared (sent a messenger) when people were happy 😀 That should tell you what all these about. As long as you can find happiness in things you do and take responsibility for your actions you don’t need anything else, for rest there is always a “Religion”

  11. Replace eggs with kiwis.

  12. I was also raised a Christian, but I am not one now. If Jesus existed, he rocked, and was a rebel, a cool dude. I think Easter is more a Spring ritual of fertility that the dogma makers gobbled up and added Jesus dying on the cross. If you think about it, if there were sacrifices at a pagan Spring fertility celebration, then Jesus blood being shed would symbolize the ultimate sacrifice…blah…blah…blah. But I love Ishtar and bunnies, that is where the fertile bunny rabbits come in.

    Thanks for always supporting me ❤

  13. Was a wonderful post part of me never wanted it to end. Basically loved it

  14. Tht was nice buddy. Specially that James Bond metaphor

  15. Religion is a curious creature. Like you I was raised in Christian faith, but when I realized that there are wonderful people all over the world who want the same things I do, love, peace and happiness but are not deserving because they do not follow the one true God this was a little too much for me. Recently I have been focusing inward as I believe the real answers come from within and not from outside. Since doing that I have found so much more understanding and appreciation for life than I ever did in any form of religion. I believe we all share gods energy and that all people all things are holy however some have not connected to that part in themselves so I try to stay away from those and help guide them when they are ready. Life is not about taking or destruction/ it is about birth and growth and we will get what we focus on so great article ask questions because questions will lead you to look inwards and find the meaning for your own life’s calling.

  16. I loved the conclusion! Is it really that simple? Eh…yea! Or…it should be. Love it. Thanks!

  17. I do apologise in advance for this comment – I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that my mind will never be no good.

    Now there’s a sentence that sets the imagination racing: “never taken part in any bunny activities”!!

    There. Feel free to throw things at me now. 🙂
    Nice blog by the way. I hope you’ll allow me to come back.
    Kindness – Robert.

  18. It’s nice to be reminded that Easter is about love. Bob

  19. We definitely intersect on the Love part. Here’s my take, if you care to read it. Blessings. https://mitchteemley.com/2015/04/07/did-jesus-really-have-to-die/

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