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a love story


For those old enough – do you remember playing elastics at interval when you were at school? Do you remember the ditty that went along with it? ‘England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, puppy dogs tails.’ This is what went through my mind as I learned of the EU referendum result.

The possibility of this foursome splitting up saddens me.
The chaos that has ensued since the vote was counted saddens me.
Brexit saddens me.

I am a faux Brit. I am a kiwi but I am also a faux Brit, to know me is to know I love all things British. For tis the land where Charlotte Bronte wrote my favourite book, the land where two magnificent queens called Elizabeth have reigned, the land where buildings and bridges tell stories, the land where great plays were written, a land where history is made over and over and over again, the land where all the great Banks congregate to do big business, a land from whence came the likes of Shakespeare, Judi Dench, Malcolm McLaren, Captain James Cook, Alan Turing, David Attenborough, Christopher Hitchens, John Lennon, Margaret Thatcher and my beloved David Bowie, it is a land that likes to tea, it is the land where for a time I got to live in the same city as Madonna, a land of many accents none of which I can do faithfully and it is the land where I found the love of my life.

My sadness for the current discombobulation that has taken over my adopted country is about the themness of the Brits, this is what I fell in love with when I was a youngin in New Zealand singing ‘god save the Queen’ at school assembly or while watching Coronation Street with my grandma or when pouring over Mothercare catalogues my mother would have sent to her. That pulsating heartbeat that beats throughout the land. What I fear most with Brexit is the loss of this feeling – economies adapt, politicians come and go, Europe will survive – but this feeling once altered or lost can never be got back. The Brits must never lose the themness of them, take it from this faux Brit who knows she will never be able to capture it no matter how much she will keep on trying.

Sat Nam

Also… I don’t understand the brouhaha about the new Top Gear, I thought this was a show about cars, why then does it matter who is driving them! If you had the misfortune of interacting with Jeremy Clarkson like I did when we were stuck together receiving treatment by the same specialist you would find him an odious man who thinks a bit too much of himself, he is not a man to be admired #Joey TribbianiCanActuallyDrive ♥ 2016 the year of loss continues. Elie Wiesel has been described by President Obama as “the conscience of the world” which is apt as he helped to develop mine. I read his book Night when I was a teen, in all honestly it is an awful read, gut wrenching in the way a book about life in a concentration camp could only be but reading this seminal work planted the activist seed in me and it continues to burn bright. If you don’t know who Elie Wiesel is please take the time to give this Holocaust survivor the respect of reading his work or at least one of the many obituaries that have been written in recent days. This man mattered. Elie Wiesel you mattered to me. I will end with his words that seem very appropriate for this world we live in today ‘We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’

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11 thoughts on “a love story

  1. I’m not old enough to remember but the EU is all I’ve ever known. It has left me saddened and feeling like I no longer belong in this strange foreign land.

  2. Refreshing to hear someone who actually likes the UK. And sorry to hear about Jeremy Clarkson – I think many of us suspected he was a git, but he was funny on Top Gear. And that was what the show was all about. I couldn’t care less about cars, but the banter was amusing.

  3. It’s so lovely to hear good things about the UK, and not just ‘crazy, stoopid Brits’ – which is what I sort of feel we are right now, I guess. Sigh. As for Top Gear, zero interest, but I wonder if everyone was disappointed it wasn’t the *other* Chris Evans, y’know, bench pressing the cars. Just me, there? Ahem! 😉

  4. Reading your list of ‘all things British’ it was all I could do not to stand to attention.

    Oh well, time to get my umbrella an bowler hat and go to work. (Only half joking!)

  5. I wondered how British Colonials viewed the recent activity, thanks for sharing your very poetic view.
    I also agree that Elie Wiesel’s words should be heard worldwide: ‘We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

  6. Well, found some one other person in the blogging world who is worth reading. Congratulations. You attract lkemindedness (no boast). My heart broke for you as you mentioned British things. Charlotte Bronte, etc. (not sure if you mentioned Churchhill?). Good post. You know a great deal of wonderful things.

  7. Cool blog, cool thoughts. Thanks for finding me. Enjoy the week!

  8. Great post, keep it up, love to read them

  9. Excellent post, I never watched much of Coronation street. They always seem to be in the Rovers Return (the pub) ! 🙂

  10. I love many of the things you love about Britain. Can’t stand Coronation Street, though my mum is hooked on it. I chose to adopt British Citizenship when I was in my 30s, having arrived when I was 12.

    I dislike Jeremy Clarkson intensely, I think he is a racist and sexist thug, full of his own self-importance.

    I love the Elie Wiesel quote. I had forgotten that. Thanks for reminding us.

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