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this kiwi girl muses about… that kanye guy


Is Kanye any good? Madonna must think he is, she has chosen to work with him on two albums to date and his albums sell AND they sell really well, so there must be something there however, I’m still on the bench about it for apart from ‘Gold Digger’ I don’t know his music. His narcissism, the tacky choice of wife, the disrespect he showed Taylor Swift (at the 2009 MTV awards) and Beck (at this year’s Grammys) and tanking at Glastonbury are all I know of him and knowing this doesn’t exactly motivate me to take a listen to his music. Or go see him live, earlier this year a girlfriend and I were discussing whether we would go to Wireless, but upon hearing Kanye would be headlining I kyboshed the idea. I believe the words ‘no way in hell’ were used (thankfully she agreed so no one missed out).

Music is littered with rebellious, controversial and naughty characters but Kanye does not come under any of these handles. Kanye is Kanye and he uses his platform for Kanye. I think that is what I abhor the most. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying there is anything wrong with ambition and confidence, Taylor has an abundance of both and still manages to stay classy. Nor is there anything wrong in chasing the cash, Beyonce and Jayz are very clear that they are all about their brand. Where it goes wrong for Kanye is that when it comes to role models he’s up there with other unsavouries like Kate Moss, Putin, Katie Hopkins, – people to NOT admire or aspire to be.

I saw him once, I walked past him and his entourage outside Harvey Nicks. He looked little in amongst his group, that’s what I remember, little with an energy of self importance. So Kanye, by all means declare yourself ‘the world’s greatest living rock star,‘ similarly in 1984 Madonna told Dick Clark ‘I want to conquer the world,’ but the thing is – like Madonna has – you need to be able to back that shit up, or else you will find that all you are is ‘the greatest living twat.’

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7 thoughts on “this kiwi girl muses about… that kanye guy

  1. Is Madonna just good at marketing….? Discuss in person? I am moving to London…. !!

  2. Silent on the catching up….?

  3. You going to her concert over here?

  4. Didn’t Obama call him a ‘jackass’?! Maybe go with that! Lol

  5. I don’t like him so agree totally with you.

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