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After a recent conversation with a relative about her wee ones going to their first concert (1D who else!) I got to thinking about the younger me; the me who compiled the above list on the back page of her address book when she was 17 (got to love the ‘before I die,‘ I was so made for reality tv). I’ve been thinking about the passion that girl had for music, how she would lay in bed imaging being in the crowd watching Bruce Springsteen perform on the back of the Born in the U.S.A. album and being at the final Wham concert at Wembley. How although she had had only little concert experience, she knew she would get through that list and then some.

‘Without music life would be a mistake.’~Friedrich Nietzsche

I am fortunate my dreams came true and I have seen a great many artists in my time, including those on the aforementioned list save for T. Rex (on account of Marc Bolan no longer being with us) and David Bowie. Yet when I think of those artists on the list I’m thinking of them in their heyday and that’s really who the 17 year old me wanted to see. Some rockers stand the test of time, take the Rolling Stones still touring every few years, still selling out stadiums around the world to pretty much the same setlist; their formula works for them and their fans alike. Subsequently there are those acts who seldom tour like Barbra Streisand and George Michael but when they do, still give their fans the experience they want; both examples proving time doesn’t matter.

Until it does… I’ve seen Madonna many many times and I will be seeing her again later this year on her new tour but I never saw her on her Blond Ambition tour (1990) and that to me remains her best NOR did I get to see Spandau Ballet with all five original members, ditto Duran Duran AND I have loved seeing Stevie Nicks perform many times both on her own and with the Mac but I still have a hankering to hear her sing before the drugs made it impossible for her to hit the high notes. Then there is David Bowie…

‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.’~David Bowie

I’ve written about my love for Mr David Jones before, he’s one of my dream dinner party guests. I find him sexy as hell, I like the movie choices he has made (I used to have Labyrinth on dvd until I lent it out to a friend and by lent I mean she totally stole it!) l thought his appearance in Twin Peaks made perfect sense BUT mostly I love the conceptual artist he is and so to see him live has always been an ambition of mine; but it is as my favourite incarnations of him that I truly want to see – Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke, Pierrot and even Jareth the Goblin King – not as an ageing rocker. Although let me be clear if he ever does plan to perform I will ensure I am present, front and centre wherever in the world it may be.

But I’m not holding my breath, as the years get on it is looking increasingly likely that I need to be content with my memories – a weekend way back when in pajamas with one of my closest friends watching some of his movies back to back then dancing to our favourite songs… bumping into Iman in the ladies at the Dorchester and the beautiful lady smiling at me (seriously she is so so beautiful, her skin is luminous)… coming second in Mastermind (work function for charity) specialised subject David Bowie (and may it be known I only lost by one point)… seeing the David Bowie retrospective at the V&A – AND his music, and what music! When I think of his body of work I think it might just be okay to not see him perform live for he has gifted me (and you) so much already.

‘I had to resign myself, many years ago, that I’m not too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things. But my music does it for me, it really does.’~David Bowie

Some of the favourites:
Modern Love/Lets Dance This was my intro to DB – in the 80s and these tracks are so of the 80s and I happen to love 80s music. It wasn’t until years later I would learn that these were produced by Nile Rogers in doing so making total sense to why I found them infectious and ‘makes me party.’ Nile Rogers has a distinct sound that is to my styling I could never be disappointed by Nile.

Sound and Vision What I love about this song is the lengthy guitar and synthesizer instrumental at the beginning, and how his dulcet voice blends with the music. This one would be one of my desert island discs.

The Man who sold the World I first heard the Nirvana version which in itself is bizarre for I am not a fan (I think it must have been on MTV or VH1) and it was out of a conversation about how this one song might be their one redeeming factor that I learnt that it was a cover of a DB track. The DB version is much much better (but then again I would say that). The instrumental is brooding and if not a little strange but I love it.

Heroes The perfect anthem song. Inspirational in both the English and the German versions.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars I had to include the entire album not because I love every track but because the album is a story and to understand the character of Ziggy and lyrics of the songs like Moonage Daydream you need to hear it intact. There so many standout songs; the already mentioned Moonage Daydream with it’s fabulous first line ‘I’m an alligator,’ Starman, Suffragette City, Five Years and eponymous Ziggy Stardust. I’m not surprised that DB originally entertained thoughts of this album being a soundtrack to a musical or movie, the theatricality is evident throughout. Great album.

I think I will end there as what started out as a bit of fun has turned a bit Sophie’s Choice for me. I keep thinking what about what about… what about what a true genius he is! It really does warm my heart knowing I live in the same world as David Bowie.  #Bowiesuperfan

Sat Nam



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8 thoughts on “i’ll be a rock & rollin’ b*tch for you

  1. Well written as ever, but what is Sophie’s Choice?

    • It’s a book (and Meryl Streep movie) the choice is… between her kids… at Auschwitz, Sophie was forced to choose which one of her two children would be gassed and which would proceed to the labor camp. To avoid having both children killed, she chose her son to be sent to the children’s camp, and her daughter to be sent to her death. Heart wrenching story… A bit of an extreme analogy to compare songs to the kids but you get my drift.

  2. I only saw Duran Duran with 3 original members and I agree I wish I had had the chance to see all five, its not the same.

  3. Barry White, another taken so soon. I would have loved to have seen him live. Also, Diana Ross and Guns n Roses…. Weird combo I know but imagine November Rain live!! You are so right about the whole concert experience…. Us girlies have done a few together now and when those songs come on it takes me back….only thing missing from those great nights was You!! xx

    • Barry White actually was disappointing. The stage set up was so bad you couldn’t hear very well and he didn’t move, he died a few years later so I think he had health problems at the time. We ended up getting refund.
      And I saw GnR… And loved it. The guitar riffs were awesome. One of the best concerts I’ve been to.

  4. Wow, I would have not expected any less from you. You really been to concerts, and unfortunately, I been to probably 2 – not many artists come to S.A. Been to Phil Collins and Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson concert, I ended up in an ambulance, I just had a lung Biopsy done then, and thought I could handle it, well you know the rest.

    Sorry but I am not a fan of David Bowie, mostly cause I have not heard his music, but will now and see what I’m missing out on.

  5. what’s a desert island disc?

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