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this kiwi girl muses about… falling down



Madonna had a fall while on stage last Wednesday night at the Brit awards, in case you didn’t know. Want to know what I was thinking immediately before and after? That was a rhetorical question, you don’t really have a choice – this is my blog after all. Right before she mounted the podium I was thinking ‘how does she dance in those six inch heels?’ Then after the fall, once I knew she was alright I thought ‘man is she going to be pissed that happened after all that rehearsing.’ There wasn’t much thinking in between those two thoughts, it was all over too quick.

I didn’t think too much of the fall but judging by how alive media outlets have been over this I’m guessing it was a slow news week or maybe it just proves me right that despite all the naysayers, Madonna is still as popular as ever.

So she fell, so what? Falling down is something I do too often to ever get embarrassed about or make a big deal of. And she’s not the only famous person to fall publicly. Madonna’s fall came less than a month after that of Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabwen dictator oops president fell down a set of steps after speaking to supporters in Harare, and then in true despot fashion he promptly suspended 27 bodyguards for not catching him on the way down. What’s that? You say you didn’t hear of it, that would be because some press photographers who captured the fall were forced to delete their pictures by security personnel.

Then there is Hollywood darling of the moment Jennifer Lawrence who fell not once but twice. The first took place in 2013 as she went onto the stage to collect her Best Actress Oscar and the second time was walking down the red carpet at the following year’s ceremony. Yes Katniss might be the Mockingjay but you might want to stand far far away from her when she’s handling her bow and arrow just in case she takes a tumble.

shoesThen there is what I believe, the most famous fall which occurred in 1993 during Vivienne Westwood’s Paris Fashion Week show when Naomi Campbell fell spectacularly as she tried to manoeuvre the runway wearing these insane platform heels. I say insane because that’s the word that entered my mind when I saw the very same shoes up close and personal in an exhibition; and after seeing them I’ve always thought it just as well she did fall otherwise the shoes would hardly have had their moment in fashion history and these shoes deserved to be noticed, wouldn’t you agree?

Want to know what I’m thinking now? ‘wonder if any of the Royals have had a fall?

Have a grand week and be sure to watch your step.

Sat Nam

Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

7 thoughts on “this kiwi girl muses about… falling down

  1. love how you always manage to find things to write about

  2. You forgot julia gillards fall or should i say face plant when she was pm and was visiting delhi back in 2012/13.

  3. …. I forgot to add Julia gillard was pm of Australia after she overthrew kevin rudd.

    • Ah yes I know who she is but I don’t keep up with Aus politics I’m afraid so I didn’t know about the fall, just looked it up. She got enough flack when she was PM so I’m happy i didn’t know about it.

  4. Lucky she didnt break her hip! 🙂

  5. Yip I agree, I cannot walk in high Heels anymore, especially the pencil look ones. I would definitely fall

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