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she will need her sisterhood


I think Chelsea Handler and I would make very good friends – she is my kind of gal. Absolutely love her putting Piers Morgan in his place (he really is a horrible man isn’t he?) and I enjoy her self-deprecating manner (‘Uganda be kidding me’ makes for compelling reading in a completely ‘are you for real’ way) but what has totally endeared her to me is her belief in the sisterhood. I belong to the sisterhood and I bang on about it all the time. I’m lucky I have really really great girlfriends around me, friends I have collected since preschool. As I have got older, my relationships with these girls have become sacrosanct for it is through them I have learnt the true meaning of friendship. They support me, they share my memories, they validate me, they are my secret keepers, they love me no matter what. Anyway I digress this is not meant to be a love letter to my girlfriends.

What was I saying? Ah yes the sisterhood. For me there are two types of woman; those that believe in the sisterhood and those that don’t. To put it bluntly ladies – you are either a Jennifer or an Angelina. Brad really went from one extreme to the other didn’t he? From a gal who is surrounded by other women (coincidentally a BF of Chelsea) to someone who by her own admission doesn’t have girlfriends. To me and this is only my opinion, if you are a girl, and you don’t have close girlfriends something doesn’t gel. Intuitively I can always spot what type a woman is within seconds of meeting her and I have never been wrong.  I find that I have a general mistrust of those that fall into the Angelina mould and I automatically distance myself from them. As Chelsea says ‘Girls hang out with other girls, girls hang out with guys but you hang out with girls first that’s what happens on the playground.’

Without girlfriends who else do you talk to about PMT, orgasms or lack thereof or your latest one night stand. Whose shoulder do you cry on when a relationship goes pants? Who do you rehash the latest episode of Revenge with? Who else calls you up on your bull shit? Apart from perhaps your significant other who else can you truly be yourself with? There is so much you miss out on when you don’t have a girlfriend, it’s kind of sad actually. There is so much to be gained through the sisterhood in all stages of one’s life. I will leave the last word to Gloria Steinem ‘Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. That’s their natural and first weapon. She will need her sisterhood.’


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

4 thoughts on “she will need her sisterhood

  1. Hello special girl… I totally agree 🙂 night night xx

  2. Love! Blessed with the best girls….

  3. If I had a choice of the two I’d do Angie

  4. Chesley always reminds mew of myself. lol I am older but just as ribald. I don’t really show that side of myself on my blog, now the sisterhood aspect I do! I love all my sisters of the world. I call most women sister. lol

    Thanks sister 😉

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