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see – Last Vegas

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LVI know l know I fancy myself a bit of a film critic lately, promise you it was not planned. It’s just with me flying all over the place I am seeing a lot of plane movies. The latest one being Last Vegas which I enjoyed for two reasons – my penchant for silver foxes and the forever friends factor.

Now I have already laid myself bare when it comes to admitting I have a thing for older men so give me a movie with four of them – how could I pass that up? The scene when Kevin Kline’s Sam gets pursued by a twenty something – I totally get; only if it was me I would be going for Michael Douglas’ Billy. Michael Douglas and I go back to Romancing the Stone days – he was hot then and he ain’t doing too badly now. He’s with Catherine isn’t he?

The second reason I loved this movie was the fact that these four friends are still connected after some sixty years of friendship. I loved the camaraderie and genuine love these guys had for each other. I can totally relate for, quite aside from the fact that when we get together our time is full of Las Vegas like antics: I have that connection with my girlfriends and I pray we still have that togetherness when we are in our twilight years. Pretty sure we could fit in a Vegas trip at some point too.

See Last Vegas: If you want to smile and watch something that is light and good fun go see this movie.  


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'the universe always has your back'

One thought on “see – Last Vegas

  1. I look forward to seeing this, and the connections…

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