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‘The decade that style forgot’ that’s what the 70s have been called but I disagree. As new movie American Hustle highlights the seventies were all about style, a distinctive style maybe but a style all the same. We live in a time in which fads are fleeting, but when you think back to days of yore there are some very distinct images they invoke; like for instance the ’20s conjures up a jazz age complete with flappers and gangsters. Same goes with the ’70s where you had fashion influenced from the likes of ABBA, Bruce Lee, Saturday Night Fever, Charlie’s Angels and The Sex Pistols and on and on it goes because it was such a colourful era.

I love 70s fashion, maybe that has something to do with it being the era I was born into whatever it is, if I am dressing up for a night out more often than not I will opt for a retro glam seventies inspired look. In fact whether we gals are conscious of it or not, we borrow from the seventies all the time – think one shoulder,halter necks, hot pants, jumpsuits, crop tops, platforms and curls. The only difference is that now we have more finesse for there no need for polyester and irons, these have been replaced with synthetic material that doesn’t itch and ceramic hair styling products. Its not all cringe worthy free though, to the males reading this the 70s don’t need to make a comeback in your wardrobes; platforms look way hotter on us girls and there is only one man that can rock a moustache and unless your name is Tom Selleck that ain’t you.

oh and American Hustle – great performances, well worth a watch.


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