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one proud kiwi


I’m having a little bit of a kiwi moment right now, in the last week Helen Clark has been rumoured to be the forerunner to take over from Ban Ki-Moon as Secretary-General of the United Nations, Lorde won two Grammys and we bet India in the cricket. Rewind a few months back – a kiwi also won the Man Booker Prize (Eleanor Catton for the Luminaries), rewind a wee further back to when we passed legislation to make same sex marriage legal and by last count we still held the Holy Grail that being the Rugby World Cup. Okay we didn’t win the America’s Cup this time but we are still the nation that gave birth to the people behind ‘Top of the Lake’, ‘The Hobbit’ (the movies) and ‘Shrek’ as well as a wealth of talent that can be found all over Australian television and on a global stage.

Can I just say – for a small country in the arse end of nowhere – we certainly make ourselves known.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

4 thoughts on “one proud kiwi

  1. Nothing has changed has it Reena – still the Kiwi lives in your heart!!!

  2. Nah, NZ isn’t at the arse end of the world. We are at the top end and the rest of the world is at the arse end. For a small country of 4 million we have a truckload of talent.

  3. Good Old NZ

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