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If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know I am not a fan of air travel, the entire process – from leaving home to reaching the destination – leaves me cold these days. Well almost entirely, for I will never tire of looking out the window and seeing the glorious sky once I’m mid air; even thunderstorms are amazing at that level and the sunrises – well they are god’s work at its best.

BUT I am of the opinion that getting through airport security takes a special kind of patience, akin I think to feeding a child that just does not want to eat their dinner. Security checks are so second nature now, that I don’t really think about it too much until I am there in the queue (plastic bag of liquids/gel always at the ready, dislodgement of laptops and disrobing of jackets done by the time it gets to my turn). Second nature to me – yes but sometimes I wonder if it is only me. For every single time I fly whether it be business or pleb class there is a total ignorance of the process by people in the queue . You know what I mean, those travellers who leave it all till they get to the x-ray but in a way that implies that they don’t know what is required of them (having ignored all the information that is available): Those who take their time taking out their laptop/iPad and then only after instruction from security personnel, those having to get plastic bags for their liquids even though there is signage before and after you enter the clearance area and those who proceed to have lengthy discussions about why they should have to discard their 500ml bottle of mouth wash. You might be thinking well maybe they are first timers but they never are. It can be entertaining watching the first few people manoeuvre their way through but then it just gets tiresome.
What is wrong with being prepared as much as you can beforehand people? In this day of online check in, it just does not make sense to not be. Can you tell I flew today?


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