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so now I’m 40 I…

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Ever put the tap on in the kitchen sink to have the water fall on a spoon so it sprays all over you? That just happened to me and what do I do? Burst out laughing of course. I’m drenched but I can’t help myself with the laughing. What a change that makes for if when that was me ten years ago, I would have been hysterical about getting my hair and makeup wet and having to change my clothes. That is what I love about being 40 – the fact that I find more to laugh about in life.

At 40 I …
Am more discerning about the company I keep
Am able to go out in public sans makeup
Am comfortable with my style and don’t feel any pressure to keep up with the the latest High Street trends
Am able to go to the gynecologist without being embarrassed
Am able to understand another person’s point of view through compassion
Can say ‘no’ without feeling FOMO*
Opt to cook dinner (from scratch) for friends rather than go out drinking
Can stop fretting about others’ expectations of me
Forgive myself more easily
Know that vinegar and bicarbonate soda are great cleaning agents
Appreciate good wine – well at least appreciate good tasting wine
Appreciate what it means to stop and smell the roses
Appreciate my parents
Do not sweat the small stuff
Drink copious cups of tea
Can’t remember the last time I bought a magazine
Keep it simple
Can ask for what I want without fear
Prefer to sit at a concert
Can talk about pensions and health insurance and actually know what I’m talking about
Am prepared to pay extra to travel comfortably
Am body confident
Am able to seek counselling and work on being a better version of me
Am kinder to myself
Am mindful
And last but not least am very, very, very grateful for this life I live.


*fear of missing out

Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

One thought on “so now I’m 40 I…

  1. Love it! Here’s to the 40s!

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