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so for 2014 I’m gonna…


My pet peeve is my reliance on all forms of social media. I don’t like that I have become the girl who looks at her phone first thing in the morning, or that I revert to text/Whatsapp/Facebook /Viber/Instagram/email (take your pick) to ‘talk’ to someone instead of calling them. This year I have decided to wean myself away from all social media technology by limiting how many hours I am allowed to be on it. I can be very stubborn when I set rules for myself. I like setting goals and then making it like a competition with myself. This girl is playing to win!

I couldn’t do a complete give up unfortunately, as I do have a book to sell and a blog to promote plus loved ones scattered around the world but I’m resolved that I’m not going to be the girl that taps away on her phone while at lunch with girlfriends; which brings me to my other resolution for 2014 – to participate. I feel I have let myself become a bit staid of late so I resolve to be present when in the company of others and to do more; spend quality time with loved ones, give my time to charity (which I used to do so diligently but has fallen to the wayside in recent years) and continue through my as yet not written bucket list.

Why am I blogging this? Like when I was thinking of writing a book – once these things are said they are harder to not to do because it’s out there in the ether and that helps to make one accountable.

How is my social media detox going so far? In true militant style I have taken most social media apps off my phone as well as switched off notifications on the ones that remain. This is already making a difference. I have managed to stay away from Facebook, to limit email viewing time to between the hours of 8am-8pm and now that I don’t hear my phone pinging I find I am checking it less.

I will keep you updated on how I go. I anticipate this resolution to be rather more difficult than it was to give up alcohol (yes I actually did do that one year), in the meantime my fellow Facebookers – if you don’t get a Happy Birthday from me or a like for your posts – I’m not being rude it’s just that I have a competition to win. Wish me luck.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

3 thoughts on “so for 2014 I’m gonna…

  1. good luck my dear, it will definitely be a challange.

  2. I went off the grid over new years and detoxed myself of fb — only checking about once a week now… you can do it!

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