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see – This is 40

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So I watched the frivolous drivel that is This is 40 and it entertained me enough to make me write about it. It is one of those movies that I wouldn’t pay to see but is just the right kind of mindless nonsense that is suitable for watching in the confines of an artificial atmosphere that exists on a plane. Made by the same producer that is behind Superbad (the title says it all as far as I am concerned) and Bridesmaids (I just did not get this movie), I had very low expectations.

While there is no plot to this movie other than the main characters (husband Pete played by Paul Rudd and wife Debbie played by Leslie Mann) approaching 40 AND it was just a series of vignettes with no resolution rather like a glossy home movie. I found I could relate to the angst the husband and wife experience that comes with reaching the milestone. They are dealing with issues we are all familiar with; health kicks, parents, money matters, sniping with each other, selfishness, family loyalty but they deal with it all with such childishness, it made me feel normal. There is something that is appealing about immature adults, don’t you think? I can relate for sometimes I find myself in situations and think ‘what would a grown up do’ conveniently forgetting that I am a grown up.

I liked this movie’s juvenile humour because it made me realise as immature as I may seem I’m definitely not the only one. Actually now that I come to think of it I only have to look at my friends to know that. Maybe I should make a home movie of our antics…now that would be something. Anyway I digress. Pretty average movie but for anyone around 40, it provides that affirmation that however you maybe feeling, whatever your circumstance, whatever it is you are doing – you are not the only one and while most of the funny scenes are predictable I still managed to laugh more than I expected to.


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  1. Paul Rudd is a dude
    enuf said

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