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drink – avocado milkshake


Did you know that because it has all the nutrients you need, you could survive on just avocado alone. Not sure I’m willing to try this but I do like a little avocado in my day. This is my all time favourite drink. Healthy-ish, yummy and easy peasy to make – just the ticket to kick start your New Year detox.

avocado1avocado milkshake

Serves One

1 medium to large sized avocado
1 cup milk (how much milk exactly will vary on how thick you want it)
1 scoop ice cream – optional if you want to add sweetness

avocado2.jpgSlice and pit the avocado.
Scoop the flesh and add to blender
Add milk and ice cream
Blend everything (should retain dense consistency)

Best drunk fresh, as if left you will find your beautiful green drink has turned into a murky brown hue (not very appetising).

Very easy to make and your taste buds will thank you and yet bizarrely it is not common at all. I’m not quite sure of its origins only that I remembering drinking it in South Africa when I was young and still to this day when I visit my parents in Australia, my mother makes it for me. So for me it is a reminder of home. I know variations of it are common in Vietnam and the Philippines.
Although I have it as a milkshake, my brother eats it like pudding with flake sprinkled over the top. Whichever way you try it, drink or pudding, its divine I promise.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

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3 thoughts on “drink – avocado milkshake

  1. hey, this is also my favourite but if you suffer from sinus, not a good thing to have often. and i have it like your brother with flake in it, yummy

  2. This looks yummy! I am definitely going to whip this up as a non-alco alternative!

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