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holly1Tis that time of year again. We post the Christmas cards, we don our novelty jumpers, we buy the Christmas presents and we get busy with getting merry. It is also that time of year, if you are like me you feel a little guilty; for every charity reaches out for your help and you can’t avoid them for there are the ads on tele, letters through the mailbox, the emails, and the very worst one – the phone calls. I find it near impossible to say no to someone on the phone. The very nature of Christmas is of course about giving, but how do you choose who you give to. In the UK I always feel for the homeless and the elderly at Christmas as it is winter here, but so many people need our help locally then there is the bigger picture (Syria, Philippines) to consider as well.

Chrimbo1.jpgI found this website while I was shopping GetGiving. For all you UK peeps if you didn’t already know about it, it is a site where you can shop online and a percentage of what you spend at certain stores can be donated to a charity of your choice, at no extra cost to you. You probably already shop at most of the stores anyway so you might as well give a helping hand at the same time.



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