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books, books and more books


In the UK currently there is a debate going on about whether kids should read more books. I’m not sure what context the ‘more’ means but my answer to this would be ‘hell yeah.’ When you are young, you are a sponge absorbing everything around you, therefore books can only enhance your development. I’m not sure I believe all these electronic gadgets do the same thing so trash the tablets, idle the iPhones and wither away the Wiis (my poor attempt at alliteration) and get kids reading I say. I loved reading as a kid, which in turn is most likely the reason I love reading as an adult. I still remember being read to as a child and visits to the Wellington Public Library with my dad. To this day a visit to the library makes me break out in a smile. I guess it is no surprise then that I have written a book it was probably my destiny to write one. Books are my friends who invite me to visit their worlds. They feed my imagination: Reading Huckleberry Finn made me want to sail down Mississippi River, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe I actually read in my wardrobe, Lord of the Flies kept me awake at night, Anne of Green Gables made me want to make mischief, The Magic Faraway Tree and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made me believe in just about everything. There is also an added benefit to reading when you are a child, for as your belief system is formed; reading and what you learn from books came be incredibly empowering and useful to you later on in life, you can’t exactly say that about Candy Crush Saga can you? I’m currently reading 1Q84 by Huruki Murakami in case you are interested 😉 Love

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5 thoughts on “books, books and more books

  1. Hear hear. Reading is one of the greatest gifts we have. Ps just finished the trilogy and loved it!

  2. Absolutely agree 100% my friend… about the books, about the technology…

  3. I agree, loved the Hobbit as a boy

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