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my partner in crime


Feeling a little nostalgic this week because it is big birthday for a dear friend of mine; someone best described as my partner in crime through my formative years.

I met my partner in crime when we were about four years old and we became fast friends and that was probably just as well, because on account of our last names starting with ‘KAN’ we were stuck together throughout our primary, secondary and tertiary schooling. I am lucky I never had to worry about being friendless on the first day of a new school or being without someone to eat lunch with because I always could rely on my partner in crime. I’m not sure what made us like each other, but knowing the people we have grown into I can see that we have strong personalities and we both love to talk so I guess it was like attracts like. And oh yes! That talking, that got us into trouble practically everywhere we went. Teachers would separate us, parent/teacher evenings meant trouble for sure, we would get hushed in the cinema and I’m sure we have been kicked out of public places.

We got up to plenty of mischief; wagging, stealing, detention, inventing our own language (of sounds) so we could communicate across the classroom and then some.. and it was always good fun. Whether it was racing home from uni to watch ‘The Love Boat’ or ‘Days of our Lives’ or just hanging out – all I really remember is laughing. She was and still is good like that – can always induce rip roaring laughter that will leave you keeling over in tears.

My memories of our friendship are long but I remember two instances when she was totally there for me. The first was when I lost a good friend at a young age.  She took it upon herself to cheer me up by way of a driving lesson. I remember she took me to some warehouse car park near the airport and ‘showed’ me how to drive with her right leg out the window. Needless to say I didn’t learn how to drive that day but I did laugh.  Then there was another time when I lost my beloved grandma in New Zealand when I was living in London therefore unable to grieve with my family. It was she who swept me up and took me back to her place and made me watch bad kiwi movies. I’m not sure I exactly laughed more like cringed but she was the perfect person to have around me in my time of need.

She is the perfect pick me up friend, the perfect fun friend, the perfect just gets it friend, the perfect partner in crime and it gives me so much pleasure to know that all these years later that not even oceans can keep us apart. So from one KAN to another KAN – here’s to the next forty and beyond dear friend!


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

2 thoughts on “my partner in crime

  1. Wow, so I was with you celebrating her 21st 19 years ago. Man how time flies.

    Hope you are well

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