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soundtrack of my life: Everybody In The Place – The Prodigy

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music7I first saw The Prodigy in ’97 at Big Day Out (southern hemisphere’s attempt at a music festival). I remember they weren’t on the main stage so my friend and I had to trek all the way to where they were playing and then push our way to the front so we had very little time to stand around before they came on. And that they did and to this day the energy of that performance blows me away. I wish I could have bottled that energy to bring out on special occasions. Instead I am left with the memory of that epic performance.

At that time I had never experienced anything like it – the entire set they played had me moving and no I was not under any chemical influence – it was purely them at high voltage. I have seen them since and understandably it hasn’t been the same: they have got older, line ups have changed; but in the ’90s maybe early ’00s The Prodigy was it for me. Another reason for me to fall in love with England. This song reminds me of that moment in time in ’97… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY87o9IZXWg just try not moving when you listen to it.

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One thought on “soundtrack of my life: Everybody In The Place – The Prodigy

  1. ‘Voodoo People’ great running track

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