A Charmed Life



I have a friend who was going through an unhappy time in her life, and so she turned to psychics and the like. Over a six month period she saw not one or two but at least six of them, why ? Well she kept going until she heard something she wanted to hear. I had another friend who had a magic 8 ball and everyday she would ask it the same question and keep shaking it until she got the answer she wanted. Sounds a little mad, doesn’t it ? But we human beings will try just about anything in the search of happiness. In both examples both ladies were looking for outward answers because they didn’t understand that happiness comes from within and sadly I know people today, who keep on making the same unhealthy choices because of low self esteem and absolutely no self awareness of how their actions impact on them and others around them.

At the other spectrum in my life right now I am surrounded by people who are at different stages in their self awareness journey. This includes me, I constantly describe myself as a ‘work in progress.’  I can’t help feel proud of all of us that are on this journey of betterment. Everything we experience in life is created by our thoughts and beliefs. So what you are thinking ? What do you believe? Once you understand this; recognising what you bring to the table – in terms of your personality and behaviour in all your actions – becomes a powerful asset that can lead to self empowerment and who doesn’t want that?

It can feel quite confronting to look inwards but once you start, it can only lead you down a positive road that will impact on your mental and physical wellbeing, your relationships and your outcomes in general.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

3 thoughts on “self

  1. Hmmm could this be about someone we know???

  2. These people are your friends!

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