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my ‘inner geek’

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I can’t help myself. I am fascinated by 3D printing. I have unearthed my ‘inner geek’. Who would have thought I even had it in me. I’m the girl who rings the helpdesk for anything and I mean anything PC related. ME: ‘Help, my computer is not working it’s just a blank screen’ HELPDESK: ‘Have you checked to see if it is on.’ Unfortunately this is actually a real life example, not one of my finer moments I grant you, anyway I digress… 3D printing has taken this technophobe and made her into a… what is the opposite of technophobe – technophile maybe (as you can see I have yet to master ‘geek’ speak.)

And now that I know 3D printing exists in real life and not just in sci fi movies; you will often find me on www.bitrebels.com and www.theguardian.com/technology – scouring the sites for more literature on 3D printing (or additive manufacturing as it is professionally known).  Just the other day I attended a lecture aptly called ‘everything you ever needed to know about 3D printing,’ where I learnt firsthand about Modelling, Printing and Finishing and I got to see the layer upon layer process – completely fascinating.  I know, I know … the concept and prototypes have been around for decades and I’m not about to go into a technological explanation of it, mainly because I am still trying to grasp how it works exactly and also because whenever I mention it to anyone they seem to already know about it (which begs the question: have I really been that clueless?)

My imagination is running wild with ideas of all the creations that you can manifest being your own manufacturer. And think about what it means for the environment – moving away from mass production lines would surely lead to a decrease in our carbon imprint. It is a win win situation as far as I can see and it is the way forward in our not too distant future (even Selfridges is getting in on it by setting up a 3D printing pop up store next month) so if you are interested just a little and you want to know exactly what I have been talking about – have a listen to this expert… http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_harouni_a_primer_on_3d_printing.html


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