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a total buzz


I love doing things that give me a buzz; rollercoasters, jumping out of planes, pole dancing, learning trapeze, horse riding –  I’ve done a fair few things in my time but I have come to realise there is another kind of buzz that I enjoy – the kind that comes when you do something entirely new – you know that feeling you get when you start doing something you have never done before and you actually manage to do it.

My new buzz is cycling. I have started cycling on London roads. How is that a big deal for a thirty-nine year old? Well you see I only learnt to ride a bike properly last year (thanks Dad), so this is no small feat for me. Up until recently I was limited to sticking to non traffic areas while I built up my confidence, and to non traffic areas I probably would have stuck to had it not been for a swift kick up my jacksie from a well meaning friend.

So I did it albeit with a few scraps here and there but I did it all the same and boy does it feel good. Weaving in and out of London traffic on a Boris bike – a total buzz! Not sure about the no helmet thing though but I will leave that to write about another day.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

7 thoughts on “a total buzz

  1. Good on you! I wish I had the confidence to bike ride round here, the drivers aren’t so friendly though! What do you mean by no helmet though?!

  2. Hey you, sounds crazy fun. Richard also loves riding around London roads! I used to think the no-helmet think was optional! I hope you are wearing one KiwiGirl!

  3. Buy a helmet u fool!

  4. Be careful Reena!

  5. omg…….your cycling!!!!

  6. Be safe on those London roads.

  7. When is London going to get more cycle lanes?

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