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i need to vent


As I thought about writing this I had a flashback to my childhood; it was of an attendant washing the windshield of our car at the local BP petrol station while he waited for the petrol to fill up – remember when they did that? Now that was great customer service. After some appalling customer service I have decided to list my pet peeves:

Where is the Duty of Care? I know I have stolen a legal term but its apt here. If you choose to work in customer service should you not have some level of care.  I understand people have all sorts of reasons why they may be working in a particular job, namely to earn an income but if you are going to something would it not be a better use of your time to care about what you are doing OR at the very least fake it – either way a smile is a much better way to greet a customer than an ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. There is some truth in Annie’s words ‘you’re never fully dressed without a smile’

What country are you in? If you live in an English speaking country and you work in customer service – does it not make sense that you should be able to speak coherent English?

Doesn’t anyone feel a Sense of Responsibility? When I was younger and still at uni I worked part time as a bank teller. It was my first job and so in a way I guess I was ripe to make my mark in the world but still I loved this job; I loved being around ‘adults’, serving customers and most importantly I felt accountable and I loved that. It wasn’t just deposits and withdrawals for me. I took pride in going the extra mile for customers and along the way I learnt new skills. Coming from this personal point of view I do not understand why people don’t go that extra step anymore. People seem to be moving away from being solution oriented, more keen to fill quotas or pass the buck.

I know I am generalising but lately I have had to deal with inept customer service which has led to a missing blood sample, lack of WiFi (not exactly convenient when you are trying to contact thirty agents), cancelled yoga class, delayed grocery delivery, no television and wine spilt down my back (yes by a waiter and no I did not get a free glass of wine or meal as an apology – actually come to think of it I barely got an apology). What makes me laugh is the disconnect between bad customer service and use of social media. I know that a threat of a bad review or complaint would make me up my game especially seeing as it is so much easier to do now. Guess not everyone thinks like me.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

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3 thoughts on “i need to vent

  1. i totally agree

  2. I must say that I am a little more than astonished to learn that you are experiencing such bad service in a country like England. I always thought our service levels are so poor because we live in Africa. Well, it’s unacceptable anywhere in the world. I now make certain that I commend good service whenever I receive it to encourage more of it.

  3. Aaah bad customer service makes me so mad! Totally agree with you!!

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