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At the risk of sounding like a television critic, I felt I had to write about the television triumph that is TOP OF THE LAKE. I’m not a great follower of any shows these days but I cannot stop gushing about this drama.

I admit it started off having a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe about it but as it became clear that this was a serious drama the quirky elements of the story became menacing rather than absurd. Every episode lingered with me for days after and made me feel conflicted emotions: Disturbed because the story involves a missing twelve year old pregnant girl, dodgy (and creepy) cop, incest, paedophilia, gang rape (and so much more but that is already a lot to digest in itself isn’t it?) AND yet I felt strangely comforted knowing that the main character Robin would not stop until she had all the answers. I found myself willing her to succeed as the story unfolded (I also found myself praying that her lover Johnno wasn’t also her half brother). It makes for compelling television although even in the finale when the story does comes together, you can’t help thinking much has been left ambiguous.

Incredible international cast, masterfully written dialogue, gripping story all helmed by the brilliant Jane Campion but the real star of this drama is the breathtaking landscape that is New Zealand. I am one very proud kiwi as I write this TOP OF THE LAKE has showcased her lush, verdant unspoiled beauty making her a pivotal character in this drama. It has made me very homesick indeed.

Did you watch it? What did you think? And if you didn’t – go for it, you won’t be disappointed… troubled, relieved, shocked but not disappointed.


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One thought on “see – brilliant tele

  1. just watched all of it – it was mental!

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