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music makes the people come together


One of the reasons I live in London is because I love live music and everyone plays in London at some point. Summer in London is jam packed with concerts/festivals so when in Rome right? Well actually I’m not sure anymore, after four days in a row of concerts this is what I know:

I am not as hip in real life as I think I am in my head… who are all these new artists? And why is everyone around me singing along to their songs?

My drink of choice: Forget alcohol, its water, water and more water.

I am happy to hang back; I have lost that urge to be right at the front of the stage.

My days of moshing are over – having space is much more enjoyable.

Toilets with toilet paper and running water are a godsend.

I no longer appreciate being filthy.

I am happy to forgo the end in order to beat the rush on the Tube.

My body can’t handle standing, dancing, jumping for more than a day.

I see older people at concerts all the time and I have always thought that would be me one day BUT as I am now an ‘older’ person who is totally shattered today, I think I need to put more thought into just what I am letting myself in for next time… because there will always be a next time for a music lover like me.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

3 thoughts on “music makes the people come together

  1. I’m still jealous that you saw Simon Le Bon..

  2. me fomo u saw jlo!

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