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I was among the throng watching the Wimbledon win on Sunday, it was such a boost to see every single person in high spirits. That communal feeling when a nation comes together – well there is nothing like it is there ? My first experience of that fervour was when New Zealand won the America’s Cup back in the nineties. I was one of many who descended upon the Beehive to get a look at the prestigious cup and the man who made it possible Sir Peter Blake. I felt it first hand when Cathy Freeman won gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and then again albeit from afar when New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup in 2011 and it goes on… to the Olympics last year when Team GB excelled over and over again. As you can see my allegiance changes, it mostly tends to be dictated to by the mood of the city/country I am in.

So I was in London town when Andy Murray won Wimbledon and didn’t he do well (as Sir Brucie would say) and while the win was superb – for me it has almost become a byproduct for I am more taken with the communal pride this nation feels. In this day and age where there is so much uncertainty, isn’t it comforting to know that there is so much joy to be had.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

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