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I have been reminiscing with a girlfriend about how when we were young, even after we had spent the day together at school, we would spend hours on the home phone talking away (the one single home phone mind this was before portable phones even existed). Then mobiles came along, and now we are in the era whereby her eight year old daughter communicates with her friends via FaceTime.

I have a smart phone and I have tried all week without success to not use it. Being able to contact family and friends is essential to my well being so I love being able to call/text/email/WhatsApp/Viber/Skype/Facebook/FaceTime and I’m sure there are more modes I’m forgotten. What this has reinforced is that we live in a world of NOW. We want everything now. Remember a time when you made a plan to meet friends at the cinema at a certain time and that is what you did. Now the same plan involves an initial time then further calls/texts to ensure parties get there on time. It’s all very convenient to text someone to let them know you are on the way but is it necessary?

Sure life has been made easier by the invention of these phones but every now and then I can’t help missing days gone by when I looked forward to letters in the mail via the letterbox, when going to a concert meant listening and dancing to the music and when people didn’t have their fingers glued to their phones while carrying on a conversation.


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