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for my mum



As Mother’s Day approaches in this part of the world it has got me thinking about the role of mothers and more specifically my mother. Whilst outwardly I have always had a close bond with my father, it is actually my mother that I have a deeper relationship with – for she is the most reliable constant I have had in my life since the day I was born. I have never fallen out with my mother – argued yes, screamed at yes but we have never not talked and it is comforting to know that there is this person in my life who is always there for me and my brother no matter what.

I think back to when I left home and how heart wrenching it must have been for her to watch her first born leave the family home – instead of making me feel guilty or scared – she was the one who helped me prepare by making sure I had everything I would need and organising my farewells – what a champion. Ironically I had to move to another country before I understood the magic of a mother; it is so easy to take mums for granted because for those of us who are fortunate to have one – they are always there – making sure we have meals to eat, clean clothes to wear, toothpaste to brush our teeth with.  My aha moment happened when I moved into my first apartment in Sydney, that is when I began to notice all the influences my mother had in my life. First up was cooking, when I left home I could barely cook rice, it was my mother who taught me how to cook via fax. Now I get told I cook the best rice amongst all the other dishes I can make. It was also my mother who would fax me other how to’s (how to clean a shower, how to buy a vacuum, what essentials a kitchen should have and it went on). I think as you grow as an adult you never stop wanting your mother in some capacity. I have not lived in the same city as my mother in sixteen years but as I get older I find I still need her even if it is just to hear her say that she loves me, which she does every single time we talk – how lucky am I to be so loved.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

2 thoughts on “for my mum

  1. Hey, you really good, i know the feeling, especially when you sick, how they are the ones who take care of you hand and foot.

  2. nice they are proud of you and here we look after them all the best

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