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i have a confession

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I love an award show – there I said it. To narrow that down, these days it is all about film for me. I used to enjoy music shows once upon a time but they have gotten so mainstream – the real talented musicians of this world hardly get a shoe in. I know I know you are saying the same goes for film as the award shows tend to overlook the indie, low budget and the non-English but for me it still feels like film awards are for all ages; when say in contrast music awards are for a younger age demographic. I am too old to appreciate Taylor Swift or One Direction but a forty-something Catherine Zeta Jones performing ‘All That Jazz’– so hot.

I know I am not alone when I say who does not want to see George Clooney in a tux or Hugh Jackman in… well anything or come to think of it nothing would also work ;-). It is pure escapism for me – I get to daydream about walking the red carpet in a magnificent gown and who hasn’t given a thank you speech looking in the mirror with a hair brush for a microphone… really hope I am not the only one there…  The actual shows can be tedious for they do go on for hours but those moments when someone you admire comes on stage – cue Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson or the incomparable Meryl Streep – and that warm feeling of nostalgia that gives you is unbeatable.

And so it is that another Academy awards has come and gone and this year was probably one of my favs – with no one film being a clear winner – it felt more balanced. Save one, I was happy with the winners of all the top awards. Only miss for me Anne Hathaway – the dress made her look washed out, her accent grates on me and the speech was far too contrived, plus Sally Field is a far superior actress (okay I’ll admit it I am a bit biased, I like the oldies).  Happy to see Daniel Day-Lewis finally win an Oscar for a movie I loved, Jennifer Lawrence – I like her spunk in the movie and in real life, Ang Lee a graceful elegant director (could anyone else have done Life of Pi justice?) and Ben Affleck (and George too – is there anything that man cannot do?) win for Best Picture. Being of similar age to Ben and also in my second act – I feel especially pleased for him as he so eloquently put it ‘it doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life because that will happen; all that matters is that you gotta get up.’


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One thought on “i have a confession

  1. i agree – Sally Fields is so much better, plus not keen on Anne Hathaway new haircut!!! And as for George or Hugh in a tux or their birthday suits – if only!! When you are a famous writer, please could you use your influences to arrange this! ha.

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