A Charmed Life

I did it!


I began writing my first book in July last year – this week I finished my first draft.

It has been a long road to travel full of trial and error.  Being a novice I approached this task in the same way I approach any assignment – I  made a plan – or in this case a plot summary with a beginning – middle – end.  Then after characters were developed and settings were established I started to write. I tried hand writing at first as this has always been my preferred writing method; but this proved impractical when it dawned on me that the 30,000 or so words that I had already written would at some point need to be typed; not a pleasant task for someone who has never been a proficient typist.  So with laptop in hand I got into a daily routine, that involved periods of hibernation from friends, five am starts and interrupted sleep. It has been a labour of love… and hate for while I have enjoyed the creative process, at times I just wanted to get it done.

Whatever happens next with my story, I feel immense pride knowing that I have another tick on my bucket list.

Watch this space.


Author: akiwigirlabroad

'the universe always has your back'

2 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. So very proud! Cannot wait to read your work. Well done x

  2. Fantastic news!!!! Cant wait to purchase a copy!! X

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