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dance magic dance…

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When I was little girl I fell in love with all things British. For a girl growing up in New Zealand that was limited to Princess Diana, Mothercare, Rainbow, the Goodies, Enid Blyton, Julie Burchill and the legend that is David Bowie.

My attraction to David Bowie came from a longing to be different, and through his many personas, David Bowie is about as far from the norm a girl living her teens in the arse end of the world can get. I was too young to appreciate the Ziggy Stardust and Thin White Duke phases – those I discovered later. David Bowie entered my life when he was going through his eighties stage ‘Under Pressure’ ‘Let’s Dance’ and as Jareth the goblin king in Labyrinth. That movie, did it for me. I longed to be Sarah just to know him. I thought he was beautiful and beyond cool. When kiwi Geeling Ng starred in his ‘China Girl’ video I wished they would fall in love and he would moved to New Zealand and that would be my chance to finally meet him but alas though there was romance a move to New Zealand was not to be. At one point I even longed to get punched in one eye just as he had so I could have different colour eyes like him. By the by I befriended someone at university who had different colour eyes, dead sexy!

As I grew older and a little wiser I got more familiar with his vast inventory of music and my respect for him peaked. I could not name a favourite David Bowie track but ‘Heroes’ ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ’Space Oddity’ are up there oh and ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ too. His movies appeal to me as well; I enjoyed him in The Man Who Fell to Earth and as Andy Warhol in Basquiat his movie choices seem bold, eclectic and avant-garde much like how I envision the man himself.

I have seen many legends live, but thus far David Bowie has eluded me. Last year in the summer that was British I wished for him to come out of retirement and show up at the Jubilee concert or be part of the Olympics in some way but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Hearing ‘Heroes’ in the background when the British athletes walked out in the opening ceremony was not enough for me. Therefore it was with great excitement (and yes there were tears) that I woke up on Tuesday to hear he had released a song with an album to follow. I triumph in his return and am beyond ecstatic that I might finally have the opportunity to see his magic live for surely a new album means live appearances… a girl can live in hope.


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